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Author: CraKah
Title: untitled #1
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #24

Copyright 2002 TCL

Nobody shows me any love in this game no matta what I do people still look at me the same/
Expect me to be always funny/when I cry my tears are real/are you
surprised to find out sometimes
I feel like I just cant deal with this shit/or do you think I take
it all in stride suck it up don’t show
Im hurt because I have so much pride/maybe I do show im hurtin but
you just don’t see it cause I’ve
Been screamin out for help for sometime now and nobodys come to
get me/no mutherfucker is riden with
Me/I look around and all I see is me/im in this bitch alone/face
the facts see life threw my eyes/
Walk a day in my shoes/then you’ll find out why/look past what I hide threw laughter and you’ll
See a lot of pain/a lot of scars/a lot of secrets/has my heart locked behind bars/never felt secure/
Dunno what its like to be 100% sure about anything/nobody knows me/so don’t sit there and
Think like you do/you see cause im a bird that’s been caged too long and needs fly/

Need to be free/need to be excepted for me/but nobody gets it/and sometimes I think nobody will/
So I take this pill that is suppose to make me feel/better/and I continue to move with a change
Of pace/no look backs/cause since I left it aint a damn thing changed so no point in that/
Explain to me why I can spit the shit but can’t rap/whats up with that?/if I got skills why am I
White and not black/and being a white female/im gonna be looked
at as crap even if I can rap/whats up with that?/I dunno you tell
me im just lost trying to find myself see/no you don’t cause your too busy
Trying to classify me/

life is on-going struggle/that’s why so many people hustle/that’s why im pissed
Off that I have to work this dead end job/while you sit there and
don’t do shit/goto college/spend your
Paycheck on every new release cause you suck/what the fuck am I to do/id rather shoot you then
Look at you/that’s why half the time I look past you/you and your
fake attitude ass kissing the bosses if you where smart you would
cut your loses/bitch im the last chick you wanna fuck with so I suggest you
Keep your distance and show some respect/

And that’s all I have to say for today go away if you don’t like it