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Author: Lindy
Title: Just Some Prose
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv2 #3

Copyright 2003 Lindy

i sit here
thinking of life, and love,
and how strange it can all be.
how things never seem to turn out
quite the way you think they will,
dream they will,
want them to.

there are times
when my heart aches
so much it's a palpable thing.
it's hard to take a deep breath without
feeling i'll just break down
and begin to cry,
and i want to scream.


i am strong
and i will not give in
to the pain and disappointment.
i force myself to take that deep breath,
no matter how much it hurts,
bite my lip
and keep going.

with a smile
trembling on my lips,
and writing a new song in my heart.
and i just keep looking for that rainbow
because i know that somehow,
somewhere out there,
i'll find it.