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Author: Tabitha Stevens Black
Title: My Man
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #32

Copyright 2002 Tabitha Stevens Black

He's my man
He'll never know
We talk as we watch each other grow
I tell him what he needs to hear
He says he likes my hair
We share everything
We talk all day
But, I still have something to say
I'll write him a letter
Then tuck it away
I'll hide my feelings again the next day
I know how to act
I know what to say
But I won't tell him how I feel today
I'm not afraid, just worried
I'm worried that if I say it
We'll ruin our friendship
I'd rather be friends
Without him knowing
Then have it be weird
All for the sake of tears
I cry all night and cry all day
Knowing the one thing I'll never say
Shawn, I love you forever and a day