NOTE: If you followed a REALLY OLD LINK looking for my first** webcomic Paonia Pawns, the correct current link is below.


Webcomic NameStatus 
Paonia Pawns™ Complete (1813 Strips; 1/29/2005 to 7/29/2013) [image]
UA: Comic Hiatus (288 strips; 10/10/2010 to 2/28/2014) [image]
Destiny Hiatus (47 strips; 7/18/2017 to 2/21/2018) [image]
Independence Cancelled (10 strips; 1/29/2020 to 4/1/2020) [image]
Final Frontier Upcoming [image]


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**Technically, my first webcomics was Yak Guardian, back in 2000. It only lasted a few strips. I was overly ambitious, got frustrated with my inability to meet that ambition, and abandoned the idea of doing a webcomic until I felt I could meet my own expectations. Somewhere around here, I still have a couple of images that I should post from that first brief attempt.