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Thursday 10 October 2013

10 October 2013:
     The third Anniversary of UA: the Comic and the thirty-third Anniversaty of the day I drew T*chorel for the first time, starting myself on the path that led to this comic. While actually creating the comic has revealed aspects and scenes from the story that I'd never imagined in the way-too-many years I spent planning it, I do enjoy the fact that this day's update is a scene I'd laid out over thirty years ago.

Hmm... Five months between blog posts. And it really doesn't take long. I am seriously not good at remembering to do this.

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Blog #67

Tuesday 21 May 2013

I have a couple of major webcomic announcements to make, and I had intended to make them today (technically, yesterday, as it's just past midnight local time). Instead, Ill recount a memory

My sophomore year of college (the second of two-and-a-half I would spend at Xavier University in Ohio), my dad built a loft so that my bed fit underneath a bar-height desk. He had planned it out so well that only a single two-foot piece of wood was left as scrap. At the end of that year, I decided to have some of my best friends sign that piece of wood. Pat O'loughlin wrote the following poem:

I think I thought a minor thought
Twas one I made, not one I bought
I could repeat it, if I sought
But on the whole, I'd rather not.

Twenty-seven years later, I believe that piece of wood is still in my possession, buried somewhere in a box in the garage. But even if it is gone, the memory remains.

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Blog #66

Wednesday 10 October 2012

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of United Allegiance: the Comic and the 32nd anniversary of the day I first drew T'Chorel and began creating the UA universe.

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Blog #65

Tuesday 18 September 2012

time keeping in the UA universe

Theko (thee-koh) - 1/100th of a Mona. Approximnately 1/2 second Earth time.

Mona (moh-nah) - 1/100th of an Ora. Approximately 50 seconds Earth time.

Ora (oh-rah) - 1/25th of a day. Approximately 83 minutes & 20 seconds Earth time.

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Blog #64

Monday 17 September 2012

Happy Constitution Day!

Finished the latest Reacher novel (A Wanted Man) earlier today. As usual, he kicks ass. Already looking forward to the next installment. (Poor Reacher. All he wanted to do was hitch a ride.)

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