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Top 10 Signs you might be a Herper

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10 Your bedroom looks like an episode of "National Geographic Explorer"
and your bed looks out of place.
9 The photos of loved ones in your wallet look like the lobby stills from "Jurassic Park."
8 Your house is the yearly field trip for the neighborhood school.
7 Your significant other has ever said, "I'm not doing laundry again until you find him!"
6 The pictures in the shadowboxes on your walls . . . move.
5 You go to the zoo or pet store to find a date.
(This cuts down on those messy scenes in the bedroom when something touches her leg
even though you've left the room, and it turns out that iguanas are not her favorite animal.)
4 You go through the grocery store checkout with eighteen different fruits and vegetables,
none of which you plan to eat.
3 Your mom has given up on you finding a good catholic girl and would be happy with
an alcoholic divorcee who's ten years older and has two kids.
2 You use the word "Shed" a lot and you aren't referring to an outbuilding on your property.
1 Your girlfriend has ever, while hiking, uttered the phrase,
"Look!  A baby rattlesnake! How cute!"