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Anolis Sagrei (now Norops Sagrei)

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Anolis Sagrei (now re-classified as Norops Sagrei) -- Brown Anole
Date Notes
10 August 1998 Probably hatched in the early AM (from an egg deposited on a plant delivered
two weeks earlier to the lounge in the Government & Business Department of
the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County).  Discovered by a
co-worker at 10AM, she spent the rest of the day in make-shift cages (first a
paper-clip tray topped by a paper cup, later at throughly rinsed and
hole-punched water bottle).  By evening she had been transferred to my spare
10-gallon aquarium.  Initial attempt to feed he peach baby food met with some
11-12 August 1998 Researched Brown Anoles.  Tatiana was less reluctant when I tried to place the
baby food on her snout, however I doubted she was getting enough to eat.
13 August 1998 Talked staff of Jack's Aquarium & Pets into selecting tiny crickets from their
Small Cricket bin.  Tatiana sprang immediately - that first cricket never had a
14 August 1998 Ate a second cricket.
16 August 1998 Ate another cricket today.  Tatiana's body is visibly more fleshed-out than when
she was found.  Still very active and eager for crickets.  Added UV light to her
22 August 1998 Tatiana had eaten little since the 16th.  Tried again in the morning to force feed
her some baby food.  She seemed full of energy.  However, when I returned
from work, Tatiana had died.  It is likely that she was exposed to numerous
pesticides and fertilizers prior to hatching and it's probably a miracle she hatched
and lized as long as she did.