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Hemidactylus Turcicus

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Hemidactylus Turcicus -- Mediterranean Gecko
     Length - hatchling 35mm, maximum 120mm (4.73")
     Age - seven to ten years in captivity
Date Notes
c. 15 March 1996 Estimated hatch-day for Stumpy.
c. 15 June 1996 Estimated hatch-day for B.J. Royale.
July-November 1996 At least seven (1.2.4) H. Turcicus caught in houses and apartments
just west of UNT's campus in Denton, Texas.
7 August 1996 Acquired Stumpy when he was found in my apartment.  I suspect that he
and the other H. Turcicus were searching for water during the drought
of 1996.
Length 64mm (2.5") before loss of tail.
Length 38mm (1.5") after.
August 1996 Researched H. Turcicus.
1 September 1996 Acquired BJ from a neighbor's apartment.
Length 51mm (2.0").
November 1996 Stumpy's length 77mm (13mm of regrown tail).
BJ's length 64mm.
January 1997 Moved Stumpy and BJ from a 10-gallon tank to a 25-gallon (high) tank.
Stumpy's length 83mm (svl 45mm, tail 38mm).
BJ's length 90mm (svl 55mm, tail 35mm).
4 April 1997 Stumpy's length 3.27" (age 12.5 months).
BJ's length 3.54" (age 8.5 months).
8 May 1997 Stumpy's length 88mm.
Summer 1997 Stumpy and BJ returned to a 10-gallon tank during my exodus
18 December 1997 Stumpy's length 99mm (svl 51mm, tail 42mm) (3.66") (age 20.5 months).
BJ's length 103mm (approximately).
26 January 1999 BJ's length 120mm (approximately).
Summer 2003 Stumpy dropped the regrown portion of his tail while I was on vacation.
By the end of summer, regrown tail was roughly the same length as
the original regrown section.
28 February 2004 First major revision of the Virtual Vivarium in a very long time.
Stumpy's age 7 years, 11.5 months.
BJ's age 7 years, 8.5 months.