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Author: Arthur Jerrett
Title: Ground Zero 2051
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1  9/11 Tribute edition  (repeated in CMv1 #60)

Award: 1st Place, 9/11 Tribute Poetry Contest

Copyright 2002 Arthur Jerrett

As night time falls in 'World Trade Park'
The sunlight fades 'till all is dark
Times have changed, we've all moved on,
The dust and wreckage are all gone.
Your grandparents may sometimes tell
Of the day that place turned into hell.
A day of panic, toil and sweat,
And scenes that they cannot forget;
Scenes of burning towers so high,
The day that death came from the sky.

The firemen came to do their best,
Policemen faced their toughest test.
Each one a sister or a son,
They were heroes - every one.
Many died, while others lived,
Survivors know the things they did.
And passers by, they played their parts,
Spurred on by grief and breaking hearts,
And that brilliant team at OEM,
We must remember all of them.

Time slips past and memories fade,
Men grow old and pass away.
People pass the memorial here,
Their busy lives still tinged with fear.
On a bench an old man stays,
He remembers old-times - so he says.
He tells a tale of towers so tall,
And of the day he watched them fall.
He recounts that day - and as he sings,
The air is stirred by angels wings.