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Author: Carl Ellis
Title: untitled #2
Type of Work: fan fic story
Source: CMv1 #70

Copyright 2002 Carl Ellis

The darkness was suffocating. It was a tangible thing. Thick, and heavy, seeming to suck the life out of all it touched. Even sound seemed muffled. Somewhere in the the house, a bed spring creaked, as it's occupant turned in a fitfull sleep, unable to reach the deep slumber of someone at ease with themselves. The bed creaked and groaned along with its occupant. The sleeper began to toss and turn more often, more franticly, mummurring, at the demons that haunted their sleep. Down in the darkness, it cowerred. It and hundreds, no thousands others just like it had been here before. None had ever returned. Its mission was unclear. All it knew, is it-desired existence. It did not want the oblivion the others had been subjected to before. Still, it sat in the close darkness, hoping this stiffling darkness would somehow protect it. A thump was sensed, rather than heard. The vibrations sent fear, running thru it, like an electrical current. Still, it sat in the darkness, unmoving. Waiting. A floorboard creaked. It could sense oblivion, coming for it. It wanted to cry out, to scream, to run. It did none of that. The steps creaked. The end was coming. It would not succede where the others had failed. It faced the same fate as the others before it. The fear of oblivion was all consuming. The darkness seemed to close in tighter. Not in a warm embrace, but in a chokehold, a painful grasp. The movement was closer now. The end would be soon. Maybe, just maybe, it could do something to end the carnage. Its existence was forfiet. It knew that. It accepted that, just as the ones before it did. It would not embrace the oblivion though. No! It would not accept the fate that awaited it in the darkness. It would strike back. There was nothing real it could do to harm the bringer of oblivion, but it resolved to make to futile gesture of rebellion just the same. It would not be snuffed out without a fight.

Others crowded around it. Some picked up on its feelings, others huddled in fear, and still others sat oblivious to the impending doom. The steps were close now. The vibrations were strong. It sat in the darkness and prepared itself. Light suddenly burst across it, just before it and those like it were grabbed, lifted, higher and higher. A hand reached for it, fumbled, the got it along with several others of it's kind. They were the first to face the oblivion. The darkness was gone. In its contrast, the light was blinding, yet cold. There was no warmth to be had in the final moments. It felt itself flung forward, then landing. Oblivion was only a moment away. Time slowed. It sensed the sudden increase in humidity, the warmth. This was not pleasant warmth though. This was the warmth of a compost heap. The air was fetid. Wetness was all around. It prepared itself for it's last act of defiance. It's last act period. The end had come for its brethen. It was next. It struggled franticly in its rebellion, away from the crushing blows. From the grinding and mashing those who went before had sufferred. Then it happened. It was away from the pulverizing oblivion, slidding down back into a new darkness. A much more horrible darkness than before. It's last act..

Everything spasmed around it. JOY! It had managed to affect the bringer of oblivion! Everything spasmed around it again. A rush of air, fluid and sound surrounded it. Jarring it loose from where it clung. It fell into the horrid darkness. It did not care. It had affected the desrtoyer. There was a chance for others of its kind. Others would feel as it had. They would act. Maybe one, just one, could get lucky and bring down this horrid nightmare they endured. Into oblivion it sank. Now, welcoming it, embracing it, until nothing

Unaware of the struggle that had just taken place, the bringer of oblivion coughed, slightly, as it felt a slight tickle in it's throat, looked around, and said,

"Goddammt, that was the last of the cheeseypoofs! Moooooooommmmm, we're all out of cheeseypoofs!"

Eric's mother replied, "Ok sweetums, I'll go to the grocery store tommorrow".