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Author: CraKah
Title: Blind Date
Type of Work: song lyrics (unfinished)
Source: CMv1 #9

Copyright 2002 TCL

I so don't even know what the fuck
is wrong with this ho/
Shes a slut and now she wants to
take is slow?/
Shes too ugly to wait for/
And her mixed signals are really
gettin me mad at this whore/
Could you tell Im fustrated by the way
I slammed the door?/
Besides that your too quiet for me/
I bet all you do during sex is breath/
So please believe/ Even if you wanted
it you would never get another chance
with me/I'd rather poke my own
eyeballs out and skull fuck myself/
Then hit on you again/Look at me/
shit what bitch can contend?/None/