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Author: CraKah
Title: untitled #2
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #39

Copyright 2002 TCL

you spit in my face and yell at me
no matter what i do it's never good enough
for you
you say you care about me one minute
and then the next your jumping down my throat
i don't understand what i did
i don't understand why you won't let me talk
i don't understand why you wanna fight with me
what point to you have to prove
what is it your so afraid to lose that you'll
argue with me for hours about nothing at all
about something so small that i did
why am i the only one that gets under your skin
even when i try to help i piss you off
even when i try to make things right
you wanna scream at me
well beat daddy
hit me punch me in the face
make me feel like im no good
make me feel im a disgrace
make me hurt inside like only you can do daddy
cause thats the only thing in this world that makes you feel like a real man
tare me down make me cry to my own mother you lie
but thats ok daddy cause we'll be friends again
when you say your sorry and that you love me
and act nice to me i'll fall for it
till you spit in my face and scream at me again
then we'll no longer be friends-
i hope i never become you-
i know your daddy did it to you-
but daddy don't do it to me-
please to yell at me anymore-
please to push me out the door-
please stop making me cry-
please just love me as you should
and make me feel apreciated wanted and good-
thats all i want from you daddy i swear-
cause if you don't love me daddy, nobody else is going to-