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Author: Joseph Becker
Title: CP in Space (unfinished)
Type of Work: story
Source: CMv2 #2, 3, 7

Copyright 2003 Joseph Becker

[picture of Joseph from CMv1 #56]

Chapter One

It was sunny outside and warm, not bad for a summer day. I lived in an apartment in Burkhart Drive in Tacoma, WA. Burkhart was about a quarter mile from Lakewood, an annex from Tacoma. It was Monday and was about to go to work. I worked at a call center for Shuttle people. My job was to take the calls and distribute them to all sorts of Shuttle vehicles and tell them where to go, who to pick up, and where to drop them off to. It wasn't a bad job, pays the bills and the groceries. I was a member of CP group for a while now, and am liking the group. CP stands for Cerebal Palsey and am fortunate of only having a mild case of that condition. There was Rosemary, who had such a great face and smile, she could light up a room. I had a crush on her for a couple months now, but afraid on asking her out, and afraid of telling her how I really feel. Another great lady was Sandy Smith. She was in a wheelchair, in fact, everyone in my group with the exception of a few were in a wheelchair. I was about one of the three, or so that was not. Sandy was skinny, but nice. I saw her grandaughter of about four years old. The grandaughter was nice and gives me hugs now and then. The moderator of the class was a Shuttle driver named Bill. Bill was about 63 years old, but has the look and the kindness of a grandfather. The rest of the group was Ed, a guy with a beard who had such a severe case of CP that he would shake, Julie Laux, a young person, about my age, and about the only person who was about my age, Janet Fox, an old lady who doesn't talk, but can communicate through her device that says the speech for her, and finally, the married couple of Jim and Darla. Both were newlyweds, and both very happy.

It was about 6:30AM and already getting sunny. The forcast called for sunny with high in the 80s. It was already about 59 degrees out. I got dressed in my suit, tie, and matching shoes and that, ate my breakfast and had some coffee, and was out the door by 7:30 when the sun was out and there were no more darkness. I was waiting for the 53 to go to the Tacoma Mall, then out to my destination when I was thinking of getting some milk and butter after work. Just then, my cell phone rang and found out it was Bill. He was wondering if I can come over to TACID on South 19th Street. I told him I had to work, but will get down there as soon as I can. He laughed and hung up. The next moment, there was the 53 bus that would take my to Tacoma Mall. I had my suspicion because I was the only one on the bus where it would've been full. The bus took a turn I didn't expect and got me to TACID about 15 minutes.

I got off the bus and there was the whole CP group. There was Rosemary, Julie Laux, Sandy, Bill, and others. There was an announcement that this whole group was going out onto outer space.

=== === === === ===

Part 2

The ship was about 50 feet long, and it was gray. I was looking up at the marvel of the ship and was wondering to myself, "y'know, that ship looks almost like the Supership 16", but that is another story altogether. Anyway, I looked at Bill and he said to me, "We are going to outer space because where have cerebal palsey people have never been before? In outer space and so I thought it would be a neat adventure. Everyone here agree, however, I think Julie is looking forward to it more now that you are here. So, I will be captain and everyone aboard". I looked at Rosemary and with a big smile, she asked me, "Are you looking forward to this adventure?" I look at the sunny sky, look at the ship beaming from the sunlight, and said to her with a gentle kiss on the cheek, "Yes, I am looking forward to it. Let me get my clothes and things and I will be right back."

With a little time, I came back and got all the things I needed including clothes, medication, something to read or do, hygene items, and all sorts of goodies for the trip. I needed medication for my seizures. I explained this to Bill and he said, "Don't worry, we have filled a years worth of perscriptions and have put it in a special machine in your suite. All you got to do is push the button and out it comes." I thanked him as I went to my 'suite' as he put it.

My room was nice, gray, and has a food machine, as well as a medication machine. I had a small round window with the view of the TACID building. I put my clothes in the drawers of my dresser when Julie came in. She was shy, but a nice lass of about my age. She asked me how I am and I said fine. She sat on my bed and we talked about the church she went to and how she is looking forward to this trip because it was something new. Jim and Darla came and wished I was captain. I told them that Bill has the experience and can do things even I couldn't do. Sandy and her granddaughter came in as well. Her granddaughter wasn't going to stay on the ship, but gave me a hug and wished me luck in space. Sandy and I were talking about stuff and her work at the Tacoma Mall.

Finally, after all the packing and things, I came out to the bridge and asked Bill how the ship is going. Bill said, "We have a great bunch of people and I am proud of each and everyone of them, and you. Anyway, prepare for blastoff." The engines were roaring up and the ship lifted off to the ground. I could see the TACID building on fire from the engines as we were being lifted and have taken off. I then saw the Earth as space was up ahead and onto our adventure.

=== === === === ===

part 3

The sirens sounded as everyone was scrambling to get to their destination in case of attack, or whatever. Jim and Darla were sleeping in each others arms when the sirens sounded. They jolted awake and got dressed since they were in their underwear. Jim got to his wheelchair first and propted up Darla to help her get dressed. Once she was dressed, Darla went to her wheelchair and they were off like a rocket. Suddenly the ship was under attack.

I was with Bill on the bridge and we were looking at a ship about half the size of our own. According to tactical, this ship we were facing poses no threat and we could blow them up with about half the strength of our guns. The ship was rocking and rolling, however, the shields were holding. Bill ordered us to fire and they did with the enemy ship being destroyed and all hands were lost. I asked him,"Why did you do this?" Bill said, "All attempts at communication have failed and when they were firing, I had no choice but to fire back." I then retorted, "I understand, but that doesn't mean I like it though." Bill nodded in agreement and I just went out of the bridge a little perturbed.

Rosemary was with Julie in the kitchen which is like an average size kitchen with only a few chairs. Julie was cleaning up the mess while the ship was rocking during the fight and Rosemary was there just to talk to her. Julie asked Rosemary as she was picking up the chairs, "Have you ever thought about being with a guy?" Rosemary smiled, blushed a little, then said, "Why do you ask?" Julie then said, "I was just wondering, you know, girl talk." Rosemary then said, "I don't know, I have been single for awhile, and I wouldn't know about being with a guy. I wouldn't be interested in Joe because he is too young for me, but I would be interested in someone else that is about my age." Julie then smiled and continued to work.

Janet Fox and Gary was going around the hallways, you know, being monitors making sure nobody was running or something like that when they were talking using their own equipment that makes sure you hear their words since they can't talk. Their CP would be severe to a point of non communication if they didn't have their devices to help them to talk. They were talking when their was an explosion.

=== === === === ===

to be continued???