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Author: Joseph Becker
Title: The Fabulous Adventure
Type of Work: story
Source: CMv1 #2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, and 23

Copyright 2002 Joseph Becker

Chapter One

It all started one Monday morning at about six in the morning. I was just getting up from a long nap and groggy. I suddenly remembered I had to go to work today because a co-worker was sick. My boss told me that yesterday evening and apologized to me for not getting the day off like I wanted. Today was Karen and I's anniversery and I wanted today off to show her a good time.

I was 5'6" tall, caucasion, in the low to mid 30's, and overweight. I was married to Karen about five years ago. Karen was almost like one of those supermodels you see on the runway. She was slim, caucasion, 34, 6'0" in height, and about 110 pounds. I was sitting at 180 pounds. Our house was about a two story split level house with a stairway to either top or bottom at the entrance. It was grey with blue around the edges of the house. Our yard was unmatched and was featured in several Home and Garden magazines. We were avid gardners and the envy of all the neighborhood. We lived in a neighborhood with similar houses, but way different lawns and gardens.

I work at an office near the other side of town. I looked at my watch and I had to leave soon. I was getting out of my queen size bed and put on my clothes. I had black slacks, white dress shirt with a white t-shirt underneath, black socks, and black shoes. It was warm for this time of day, about 65 degrees and was about to be hotter. I was sitting on the edge of my bed when I saw two arms around me at my chest and a kiss on the shoulder as she said rather pouty like, "Where are you going my dear husband?" I turned to her as she was sitting up with a white bra showing, covering her small, but perfect tits. I said rather being nervous as a school boy that saw breasts for the first time in fourth grade, "I have to go to work, a co-worker is sick and I had no choice, I will be back at my normal time". I kissed her sweet, pink lips and she said rather playfully, "Out of all the times you kiss me, you are still nervous". I got up as she was smiling, laying down on that queen size bed with a white comforter and blue sheets. I was smiling and went out to the living room.

I had coffee brewing on a timer and forgot to turn it off for today, but was glad I didn't. I was still a little tired, but got to the coffee as it was finishing up. Filling up the cup, I was thinking many things, like that girl in the office that keeps on patting my butt as I come in. I suppose it is just being playfull and she knows I am married, however, if I wasn't married to Karen, I would've married her, but that is another story. The kitchen was immaculate with an island in the middle. The refrigerator, oven, and sink where on the right of the island with white countertops and cupboards all around it. We didn't get a dishwasher and didn't need one since we liked washing dishes. I was sipping my coffee as I went over to my computer, an IBM 1.7GHz with a 80GB hard drive and 512MB memory. I started it up and went to get my E-mails. I was sipping and looking through them one by one, nothing of importance, so I deleted them and left the computer on. Karen likes to get her E-mails from women friends as they gossip and chat from around the world. Hey, at least it was cheaper than the phone.

I looked at my watch, decided to have breakfast at the cafe in the office where I work, and decided I had about a few minutes. Karen was up, wearing a red dress with red high heels and said, "I needed to go to work anyway, but I will be back for lunch, do you think you can do that?" Karen works at a cab disbatcher office disbatching taxis on the pickups and dropoffs. I was thinking about that and said, "Tell you what, I'll ask if I can come home early so I can be with you more." Her smile was beaming as she nodded. I motioned on whether she wanted coffee to which she accepted. She needed to leave in about an hour, so she would chat with those friends around the world during that time. She watched me go as I waved goodbye to her.

=== === === === ===

Chapter One, Part 2

I was walking outside. Even though it was dark, it was relatively warm, about 65 degrees. I could see the sun peek out from the south, but there was something eerie about the sunrise. Oh, I have seen a lot of sunrises in my day, but this one was blinking at me. Slowly at first, but it was blinking faster and faster with the color hues turning right then left, kind of like a ride being ridden. I wiped my eyes, and when I saw it again, the sun was normal again. I said to myself as I was walking out of the neighborhood and onto the bus stop, "I have to lay off on alcohol in the evening" and laughed at myself thinking I have imagined it and kept on walking. I looked at my watch and it said to me in a computer voice, "It is 6:40AM, you have a few minutes to get a soda at your 7-11 right across from your bus stop". I was taken aback and asked to myself, 'How did it know what I was going to do?' Then, I thought of a talking watch I had back about 10 years ago when I had "The Trip from Hell", but nah, got to be the alchohol from last night.

I went to 7-11 on the next street just beyond the neighborhood entrance. The entrance itself was nice. It was a wodden entrance with the name etched "Harmon Homes". I was looking back, saw a shooting star and thought 'wow, am I lucky to be here'. I turned again and went inside the 7-11. It was like any 7-11 you see with the pops and beer on the far wall and rows of stuff like soups, candy, and so forth. This one had gas like unleaded and such, but I don't have a car, but wish I did. I went to the soda cooler and got myself a soda and went to pay for it.

He was a brown guy, kind of reminded me of someone, but couldn't picture who. I haven't seen him before, or have I? Anywhoo, he said with a smile on his face, "Going on an adventure?" "I wish", I said as I put a five dollar bill on the table, "I am just going to work and I hardly think that is an adventure, actually, going to and from work is an adventure, being about 2 hours on bus, let me have a book please." I laid out more money for a sci-fi book called "The Twin Moons" and went out of the store, but something strange happened. It was as if a thousand different winds penetrating me at once. I grabbed tightly to keep me warm, but the tighter I grabbed at myself, the colder it got. Then, I had my mouth open for I was in a different, way different place.

=== === === === ===

Chapter two, part one

I was dumbfounded at the sight. It was rainey, wet, cold, and I didn't care. This was the city I had left some years ago to live with my wife about five years ago. I looked at my watch and it said "Sept 27, 1992" and it was chirpping and said in a computer voice, "Well Mel, do you remember this place? This is Bates Voc Tech Institute (or is now Bates Tech College). We are in the past where you have met Angelina, Ron, and Denise. You have an adventure to go to and you can't back down on it." I swallowed and angrilly said, "How can you do this! I thought my last adventure was it. You can't just order me to take on this adventure, and by the way, why pick us?" The voice said after clearing its throught, "Because you are the best in the business after destroying that thing in Florida. You are needed, but first, you gotta go in, get dried up, and go to that class and I will explain everything later."

I went across the street and looked at Bates. It was a brick building with lots of windows on the three stories. Two I could see on front, but there is a basement below street level of Yakima. I went there after graduated in High School. This is Tacoma, WA and not the place I was living at now. I looked at the glass doors with handles so I could pull to open. The receptionist looked at me briefly and went to her paper, or whatever she was doing. I decided to get a pop, because frankly, I needed one. I went downstairs to the store, which kinda looked like a 7-11 store, but smaller. I got the pop, paid for it, then went out. Soon, a lady went out, grabbed me by the arm, and asked me, sort of out of breath, "Are you Joe Becker"? I nodded, then she continued, "I am Karen, your wife". I looked in disbelief, but aside from her being somewhat skinnier, wearing jeans, yellow blouse, and her hair up, she looked like my wife. I asked, "How can I be sure you are my wife". She then grabbed by behind, kissed me long and sweet. Then she opened up her blouse and there was a red mark up above her left small breast, but she was showing her white bra with lace around it. I then said, "You are Karen, how did you get here?" She said to me, "I was on my computer, E-mailing my gal pals, when all of a sudden, I saw a white light and I was here. I was to see you later, but this was perfect timing." I grabbed her arm and we went up to see the room.

We were at the hallway with blue and light blue carpeting. Blue was for the corners of the carpets and light blue was for the middle. We were at the room called "Microcomputer Specialist" and I put my hand on the metal door handle, turned the handle, then opened the wodden door. When we went in, we were is shock at what we saw.

=== === === === ===

chapter 2, part 2

We were in a field of grass. The grass was about knee high. It was a bright and sunny day, too warm for my taste really, but I was liking this sunshine for it was a welcome sight other than that rain. Anyway, there were no houses, no farms, nothing but the grass for as far as I can see. We were wearing different clothes. I was wearing blue shorts and a white t-shirt with white shoes. Karen was wearing blue cutoff jeans and a yellow blouse with white socks and blue shoes with white lines in the middle along the edge of them. We were standing, holding hands, and in shock with our eyes wide and forgetting to breathe. Finally, we took a breath at the same time and she asked me, "Where are we, my dear?" I shook my head and told her, "I don't know, I don't think it is the same as my other adventure". "Other adventure?" she asked in a questioning voice, "What other adventure". I realized I said too much to her for if I told her, I bet she wouldn't believe me and laugh at me. Frankly, I found it odd myself with me, Angelina, Ron, and Denise. I simply told her, "If I tell you, you might not believe me." We just left it at that.

We let go of our hands and was walking along the grass when we saw two little kids, a boy and a girl. The girl was wearing a red bikini and the boy was wearing green shorts with white lines down the side and shirtless. They looked to be about four or five. They were running and saw us standing there in awe. The girl said, catching her breath, "You better hurry or you will miss the show." Just then, the girl took my hand and the boy took her hand and we were all running. Karen smiled sweetly as she asked me, "Do you think we should have children?" I pondered for a second, firstly surprised because she hasn't brought up the subject before, and second it was not really the time to discuss about children. I said to her rather calmly, "When we get out of this, we will talk about it."

The four of us were coming to a building in the middle of the field. The building was tall, blue on the bottom and white on the top with round windows on all four sides. The entrance I couldn't see very well, but it was, for what I saw, rectangular, about a quarter mile long. When we ran closer, being careful not to pass out because of all this running, I saw that it had a glass bottom and a red top. The doors were small, but it was coming into view. Finally, we stopped running because we were there. The doors were made of glass with no handles to pull for it to open. The glass was in two parts, the bottom part and the top part. The red was the roof of the enterance. Suddenly, the boy and girl disappeared leaving us alone. She asked me, "Should we go in?" I was at awe at this magnificint building as I said, "Sure, why not."

All of a sudden, there, on the sky, was what looked like a fireworks show. First it was a big bang, then the sky lit up with white, black, orange, blue, red, back to white, and all sorts of colors in the rainbow and then some. The light was amazing and to tell you the truth, I was a little scared. I had tears running down my cheeks not knowing, fearful, of what was going to happen next. Suddenly, a voice said, "Great show! Really takes your breath away." It was Angelina. She was Asian, about four years older than I, wearing green pants and white shirt with blue flowers on it. She was small for her size, about 5'3" and was cute. I looked at her and asked, "How did you get here?" Angelina, simply said, "I am here to be your guide to your mission."

=== === === === ===

Chapter three, part one

Angelina had her hands folded, left hand over right hand, down to her waist, smiling at me with a great white smile and said to me, "Dear boy, don't you remember your last one? The one where Ron, Denise, you, and myself killed a monster in Florida? Well, there is a being that is pissed off because we all destroyed his pet. In revenge, he is going to be coming down to Earth in 1971 and try to kill you. You somehow have to keep the baby safe because he is you. What you and Karen need to do is find some friends who will help you. I have set out upon myself to select a couple of your friends, so they will help if you ask them. Keep in mind that this is top secret and shouldn't be spread around the planet. You are familiar with space time and all that, which is why we picked you, despite your vow on not ever going on an adventure like this again. Good luck my friend and have fun doing it." Angelina then went forward and gave me a sweet little kiss on the lips and disappeared.

The show ended and we were stunned at what she had said to us. Karen then almost turned her voice into anger when she asked, as sweetly as she could. "Joe, why did she kiss you that way." I wanted to tell her that I had a crush on her in about 1992 or 3, but I thought she had a boyfriend so I didn't persue it. I just told her, "It is just a kiss for good luck, that is all." Karen understood and didn't get angrier. Karen, out of all the years I knew her, had an angry streak a mile long. Given the proper time and cercumstances, she could turn into a sweety to an angry person in a blink of an eye. Because of this, we were banned from a number of restaurants. I was trying to teach her how to handle her anger and she did go to anger management classes, but out of the 3 we went to, we only had success with our last one as the first two she went out of control and threw her out of the door. I was happy that she didn't get angry that time because it seems that these classes are working and she seems to be on the net talking to her 'girlfriends' all the time.

Just then the boy and girl came back, but was looking at me. This time, the boy was wearing blue shorts and the girl pink shorts, but both were topless and had no shoes. The boy had brown hair, short, and the girl had long blond hair almost to her behind. I ask them, "Why are you dressed this way, why don't you go and put at least a shirt on so you wont get sunburned." They laughed and went away. Suddenly, there was a flashing white light, so flashing I almost passed out. This light transported Karen and I to a cold region. The place, I would guess, was Snoqualmie Pass. I looked at the paper which was discarded in the trash, but before I looked at the date, I saw a headline that said, "Mel Cooley, famous person......" The headline stopped there, but I did look at the date and it was the day me and Karen first met, "September 1997".

The kids were back, but were dressed in appropriate weather for this time of year. Just then the girl said to me all excited, "Are you Mel Cooley". Karen shot me a look that would kill a bear and I swallowed as I said, "Yes, that is true in part." "Doesn't matter", the boy said, "You are our father". The children than gave me a hug, tight hug.

=== === === === ===

Chapter three, part two

I was in shock, I mean absolutely in shock as I see the boy and girl, standing in front of me, about four or five years old, telling me that I am their father. Karen shot a look at me and asked me in a tight voice, almost angry, but trying very hard to control her anger, "Who are you Mr. Becker? Are these really your children?" I had to think back at the end of the first adventure. I was at my own apartment in Tacoma, ready for work. There was this mysterious figure that said there would be more adventures and so forth. In about 1994, I had some mini adventures, but nothing really to write home about. The only time I could figure on the timeline was probably about 1997. Was it September of 1997?

The first time I have met Karen was at a bar in Seattle, WA. I was down on my luck, ending three year relationship with an ex-girlfriend. Karen was a waiter at that bar. Music was playing, lights were all over the place, and I was seated right at the dance floor. I looked back and there was about twelve rows of tables with about three chairs each. The bar itself was right across from those tables. The rug was red with a blue stripe in the middle to enhance the lighting of the place when it gets dark and the regular house lights go off. There were about two other girls, about my age (26), beautiful, showing a little cleavage, but not too much. Karen was wearing a standard mini black uniform, going almost to her panty line. I think a couple times I would see her white panties. Anyhow, Karen gave me her room number and place where she was staying at. Then it hit me.

Coming back to the present I looked at my wife, expecting an answer and I said, "Remember when I was going to your room? Well, these two girls grabbed me from next door, stripped me, and had sex with me at that day. I didn't really think anything of it till now." Karen composed herself and said, "So, these are your children." I nodded, but added, "They could be, I don't know." I turned to the children, looking lovingly onto me and asked them while it was snowing hard, "Why are you here?" The girl motioned me inside. While the four of us were walking, I had lots of questions in my mind and hopefully they are going to answer me. We were in the locker room. The children took off the ski uniforms and were clad in only a white t-shirt and blue jeans. The boy gave me a note and said to me, "We are not going to be a part of your adventure. We are actually living in Aberdeen with our new father and original mother Samantha. You need to read this." The girl then added, "This is a note from your friend Denise who is at the year 1956. You need to see her to get the rest of the message. I wish you luck, father, and may you be successful in your mission." Each child gave me a kiss on the cheek and disappeared. Moments later, Karen and I did as well.

=== === === === ===

Chapter Three, Part Three

We were at a street and Karen and I were disoriented. The last thing I remembered was as we were being transported, I saw my whole life from an infant to an adult and beyond. Then, I saw it again, but this time backwards. I realized how many loves I had in my life. There was that one in Olympia in the early 90s, we formed a bowling team for a few weeks, but then quit. I thought it was fine with me because I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it from Tacoma to Olympia at that time. I saw myself being in love with Karen, have a family some day, and so fourth. When we got out of it, I asked Karen, "What did you see when we were in the time tunnel?" Karen looked at me, smile, held my hand, and said, "I saw myself growing up from a baby girl to a full grown woman. I saw myself being married to you for a long time and have kids ourselves. I saw my other loves from school days to teenage days, to you today, tomorrow, and years from now."

We walked on the sidewalk. I looked at the street which was "Fairleigh St." Don't know the city, but it looked nice with some houses, small businesses, and McDonalds. I looked at the paper on the ground and it said, "October, 1956". It felt like fall, because even though it was sunshining, it was downright cold. I was shivering as I asked, "Why are we dressed for warm weather? It is cold." Karen was shivering as she said, "I am cold to the skin, even my behind is freezing." I chuckled, but she shot me a look and I waved my hand and said, "Nevermind!" mostly to myself.

We were at McDonalds, went in, opening the glass doors, and was suddenly imerssed in warmness. A lady at the counter said, "Come in! You must be cold! My, what strange clothing you are wearing." Most girls were wearing poodle skirts with sweaters and guys were either wearing like 'The Fonz' or 'Richie Cunningham' from Happy Days. Rock Around the Clock was playing on the jukebox as I said, "We are from out of town, can you tell me where I can find this 'Denise'?" She, wearing a white long sleeved shirt with a green poodle skirt, said in a nice low voice, "I am Denise, you must be Mel, oh and you must be Karen, I have heard some great things about you." Karen was shocked when she said, "How do you know?" "We have ways, honey, we have ways, now (facing me), the note said I have to go with you to your next timeline because of my expertise in some matters (blushes), but nonetheless, we must hurry, the evil person is hot on your trail in 1971, but we have to see Angelina in 2971." I understood, but I had to turn to Karen and tell her the whole story, or else kill her because she knew too much so far.

So, I breathed in some air, and told her what happened. I told her about my first adventure, coming out of Bates and with Denise, Angelina, Ron, and myself. I told her about the time we had to go from time frame to time frame, not getting killed, and also told her about that meeting with his 'pet' and having to kill that. Karen didn't look like she was in shock, but said, "So that's the messages I have been getting from my women friends on my computer. I see." So, she fainted.

=== === === === ===

Chapter Four Part One

It is the year 2971. Karen, Denise, and myself materialized inside this home. It was circular inside with a round roof, round doorways, and a virtual rug. Actually, it is the floors you see on Star Treks holodeck because things like floors and rugs were outlawed by 2600. I was looking at a very old figure lying in a open glass casket. He was dressed in a tuxedo with white socks and black shoes. Denise says with her hand on my left shoulder, "Anglina tried to stop it, however, someone shot and killed you two days ago, just before your 1000th birthday on Sept 7th. She is trying to find out who killed you and why. Also, we need to go and find Anglelina." "Why", I said, choked up from crying, "Did you bring me here?" Denise didn't say a word, but escorted us outside.

The outside was fantastic. It was very sunny and hot. Since global warming, we were in a bubble society where there was no way on traveling outside the bubble world with the exception of lots of sunblock, wearing garments used by the arab ladies, or just being out naked. Karen looked around and asked, "It seems to be cool in here, I am almost uncomfortable with my yellow tank top and pink shorts." Since the Snoqualmie adventure, every trip we were in, our clothes and appearence would change. We would have the look of locals of that time period, however, only the people that we were seeking would tell us our true nature. Denise said, "Our bubble society in the summer time is air conditioned and keeping us at a cool 70 degrees all year round. In the winter, it could also get hot of about 110 degrees and in the summer, a balmy 160 degrees faranheight." Denise then added, "That way, people would keep their clothes on as we have seen before the bubble society men, women, and children being naked, however, after seeing some nude people, it was brought to their attention of this bubble society and it passed in 2050."

She then explained that in order to go from city to city, a special air conditioned ship would take residents from one town to another. She even took us to the air pod where ships were departing and returning. This was especially helpful when people were working from town to town and sometimes would travel about five or more cities a day. Traveling from country to country was much the same way, however, from this city, there would have to be 2 days worth of travel and about 5 transfers with 2 hour layovers each, enough time to get some lunch or to check out the sites at that city or country.

"Come", Denise said to us, "We got to depart to another city. This city is where Angelina is said to be at." Karen asked in a questioning tone, "Where?" Denise didn't say a word, and I shrugged at my wife. I guess it is going to be a surprise. The ship was small, grey, and having small circular windows. There was a huge metal ramp going up to the ship. I looked back and looking at the city to where I couldn't believe this was the city that we ended up with with people walking around, houses and businesses circular, and so forth. We then went in.

=== === === === ===

Chapter four, part two

The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and everything seemed to be at peace. I was looking outside of the small ship. It had grey benches with black coverings so that the peoples asses wouldn't get sore, especially on such a long trip as some trips are. Denise was in back of me and Karen was sleeping on my shoulder. She looked cute while she was sleeping. I looked at her, smiled, and remembered why I married her. She was so perfect for me. She was smart, beautiful, understanding, compassionate, and just for me. When I married her, they said it will last a long time because they saw we were the perfect couple. Karen got up, rubbed her sleepy eyes, and said in a sleepy voice as she was yawning, "Where are we?" I simply said, "We are on this ship heading for who knows where. I assume it is another city." "Remember what you say about assuming something Mel?" Denise said in somthing of a voice that teachers would use when instructing children on remembering. I know exactly, it is making an ass out of you and me.

I remember first working with Denise. She was a classmate at Bates Technical College as was Ron and Angelina. We were on our adventure, actually, I was on the adventure when I was being picked up by the Pierce Transit Shuttle. I was, like in this adventure, traveling from time frame to time frame, ending up in Kissammee Florida destroying someones 'pet'. I was then transferred back into my apartment waiting for the Shuttle to pick me up to go to Bates. Then, some person said something about doing it again or something, but I didn't really pay attention or I didn't remember from ten years ago. After ten years, you tend to forget about somethings. Anyway, as I was watching the sky, I thought I felt something cold. It was as cold as ice, and I was actually shivering. I looked and there was a grey figure wearing a grey coat, but his face was hiding. He appeared to be smiling, but couldn't tell, then disappeared. Denise felt it too as she said with her hand on my shoulder, "Don't worry, you are not hallucinating, that is your enemy that is determined to kill you off in 1971. First we got to find Angelina and I know where she is." She said something alien, I couldn't tell, but it was foriegn so I figured it was going to be China or Japan or something like that.

Suddenly, the ship gained remarkable speed as the hull turned white, then yellow, then red. Karen and I flew to the end of the ship before the engine room. I cleared my head and made sure Karen was alright. She said she was. Karen yelled because the engines were loud, "What is going on!!!" Denise said in a loud voice, "Well, first you should've put on your seat belts. Second, we are not going to a city or country, but to another planet."

=== === === === ===

Chapter Four, part Three

The ship was rocking, pounding, and just giving me a headache. I came from the bathroom for the third time (never really had the stomach for that fast of flying) and sat back down with great difficulty. I put on my seat belt as I sat right next to Karen so Karen sat next to the window. Denise, sitting behind me, put her hand on my right shoulder and asked me, "What, forgot your sickness pills?" I said, "Very funny", then I continued with a little less sharped tone, "I never really had the stomach for fast things, threw up (or almost did) at the one roller coaster two weeks ago called "The Beast"". Denise had a questionable look on her face and asked "What is the Beast? We abolished all carnivals and so forth about 50 years ago because they continued to be overheating, and frankly, was kinda old so we had to quit." I couldn't picture a world without roller coasters. But, oh well, so they got rid of it. Does this mean this is my future? Then I turned and asked "What do you use for entertainment?" I looked at her orange blouse. She wore a low cut blouse so the top half of her breasts would show. For what I could tell, her breasts were not small, but not huge, maybe a "C" cup. She then opened up her blouse, flashed her breasts at me, and said, "We have sex for entertainment, want it?" I shook my head and said, "No thanks, I am married." She looked at me like that didn't matter or that I was crazy.

I was sitting next to Karen as she was looking outside. The sky was lit up with orange, blue, yellow, and white colors, indicating we were going very fast. Karen looked at me with some sad eyes and said, "Do you love Denise?" I was taken aback at the question and said to her, "No, I don't, I only love you and that is all that matters". Karen and I then kissed a sweet, but slow and non tounge kiss. Then I fell asleep. As I was laying unconcious, I swear I had the feeling of flying like out of thin air. I didn't feel like the bumpy ride we were having thus far, but of utter and complete weightlessness, like floating in space. It was a wonderful feeling.

I woke up, was wearing a what seemed like a kilt. I looked at Denise and she said, "Don't worry, you are still wearing your underwear." Denise lifter hers up and there was her blue panties. She then said, "Just curious." I guess Denise must've changed us when we were asleep, but why? We then came to a complete stop. The captain said with professionalism, trying not to laugh at our kilts, "Ladies and gentleman, we are now on the planet Skeeda. We are currently 67,000 light years from Earth. Watch your step as you are getting out, and if you are wondering, it is cold on that planet, so I hope all of you packed a sweater." Just then, a flash of light and I was back in 1971.

=== === === === ===

to be continued???