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Author: Joseph Becker
Title: A Flower
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #6

Copyright 2002 Joseph Becker

When I see a flower I think of you for you are like that flower.
skin so soft it is so hard not to touch
beautiful from your head down to your feet.
Gently swaying, kissed by the wind and standing there proudly, beautifully, confidently.
Only one person can take that flower and that person is me.
I would like to be that wind and kiss you gently and softly.
I would like to love you as you are, beautiful and wonderful.
I would love to be with you always for I love you and no one else.
I hope that by picking that flower, which is you, I am with a woman I love, cherish, and want to spend
the rest of my life with.
Take my hand my flower, and see where we will go.