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Author: Joseph Becker
Title: The Kiss
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv2 #6

Copyright 2003 Joseph Becker

It was dark, but well lit.
We were just finishing up on a dance at a community center
when we were putting our arms across each others back as if we were lovers.
We faced each other,
hugged thightly,
then it happened.
In a flash, she decided,
after seeing a couple kissing,
to kiss me on the lips.
That first kiss we shared,
I could feel fireworks going off in my head.
How I have waited for this moment of this first kiss.
Since the first day I saw her,
I thought I was in love with her.
I had another girlfriend,
but since then she broke off with me
and it wasn't until the egging of a couple friends that brought us together.
We kissed again and I was literally on cloud nine,
still am.
I left feeling both excited and wondering what's going to happen next.
I was also scarred because this relationship,
this love,
this thing we shared is new to me.
I look forward to seeing her once again
and what will happen, I haven't a clue.
Will we share more kisses
and more love
and more bliss?
Will we become what I have always thought to be, lovers?
This changes everything about our relationship,
so there is no turning back now.
I hope we can continue wiht this relationship,
with this phase in our relationship for ourselves.
Perhaps we will get married and be happy.
Perhaps we were destined to be together
in both physically and spiritually.
All these feelings I have for her,
all the thoughts I have of her,
all this stuff going on from inside my brain started
with our first kiss.