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Author: Joseph Becker
Title: Our First Kiss
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #21

Copyright 2002 Joseph Becker

Our hearts are pounding faster and faster with anticipation,
there is sweat on me as my stomach ties up in knots.
I am breathing hard, fast, as though I was about to die of a heart attack
and as I see her, looking into her eyes, all was quiet, not a peep.
As we lay our lips together, tougne probing, tasting that sweet taste
the excitement of the action, the acting cool, but I want to shout it out with me and my girl.
As we part, she smiles at me, I smile at her, she hugs me embracing fully and hard.
I smiled up above as I said to myself, "that was our first kiss, and wont be our last, I hope."