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Author: Joseph Becker
Title: Will I Say Hi?
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #25

Copyright 2002 Joseph Becker

There she is, all nice and neat in her seat.
My heart is racing, I am sweating, I am not cool, but I have to be.
She is standing almost in front of me, I want to say hi, but words would not come out.
I had chances when I saw her on the hallway, but she looked busy, so didn't bother.
There she is, all nice and neat, wondering when she will be in her seat.
If I didn't say 'hi', will I have that chance again? Know her, love her, and be with her?
What to do, so shy, so sad, will I say hi? Will I take that chance?
Will I have that oppertunity to go in glory, or be humiliated? Yes, I say, yes.
So, I got all my courage, and with a shout that she could hear, I said 'hi'.