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Author: Jim Vincent Viglione
Title: Ellie & Me
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #28

Copyright 2002 Jim Vincent Viglione

"May not come back"
"Gotta pack all I got"
So started our journey to Dry Beaver Creek.

We drove behond "Hope",
She fed me tofu by the finger-full.
We drank beer by the can full.
We drank Captain Morgan by the cap full.
We marveled at the saguaro, we Ooooed at the scenery
We wondered WHAT "that was" and wondered WHY "that was".

We saw where a fox had crossed
Unfortunately only his skull remained
We saw deer by the river
We saw eagles from the start
What a wonder it was, two tour guides from California now in a land unknown.
What a wonder we were, eating leftover Chinese served with wine on a cliff, on a mountain, at Dry Beaver
Creek, just two tour guides,

(written for my good friend Ellie after a trip to Arizona together, Ellie, I love you --Jim)