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Author: Jim Vincent Viglione
Title: Magic
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #24

Copyright 2002 Jim Vincent Viglione

A special moment happens every night in the desert
It happens in a split second
It happens in a tiny space in time

As the sun works it was westward, the moment
As the sun slips over San Jacinto, the moment
gets ever closer

There are no shadows

Doves fly home on squeaking wings

The cactus
the creosote bush
the yuccas, and
the apricots await like anxious spectators

No wind stirs
No leaf moves
Coyotes are silent
Hawks abandon the sky

It is a moment between dusk and starlight
a moment between day and night
a moment so precious you have to be very...very...
quiet to hear it

Now! Quickly!
Press you ear against the earth
Press you ear against the sky
Press your heart against the mountain

Listen! you can hear the moment...
Its name is...