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Author: Jim Vincent Viglione
Title: Mystery Canyon
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #25

Copyright 2002 JIm Vincent Viglione

I came around the canyon wall and could hear the
buzz of bees and knew what to expect...
It hit me-the sweet lemon scent of acacia.
I stopped and stood in this pool of perfume and
tried to drown myself in its fragrance.

I looked upward and let my eyes follow the red walled canyon.
Higher, higher, yet, higher until...the red sandstone
faded to blue sky.
Still looking, and expecting, like before, to see the
blue turn to violet; I was surprised. Instead
it turned to bright white.
In the bright white light a form appeared,
I think, a face.
An ethereal face.
A face that looked downward toward me.
I trembled and tried to smile back.

It seemed a galaxy; yet, a universe went ever
onward beyond that face.
My fear, now close to panic, suddenly was relieved
to see that image begin to fade.
But, before it faded, whether real or imagined,
I know,
I think,
I believe
A voice said to me...
"I love you".