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Author: Jim Vincent Viglione
Title: Shafts of Light
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 Special Sex Poem edition

Copyright 2002 Jim Vincent Viglione

beneath the door
shafts of light
beneath the sheet
shafts of flesh in silken skin that press and slide
against their hardness
across rough tongue and between squeezed thighs

wet snail trails from tip of tongue between moist lips
that search and pinch and nibble the muscled back slick with sweat
and large hands plow the willing body while thick fingers probe
to find the place from where in the darkness come moans
and sighs and deep throat grunts and almost silent shudders

now in soft and velvet night like hands touch caress and rub
lips seek and discover waiting lips
ribs on ribs chest on chest heart on heart until
two beats are silent and become bodies
enmeshed and entwined so knotted that sleep
swallows both as if one

beneath the shades shafts of light
beneath the sheet
a search for flesh or body
a search for foot or hand or finger tip
in search of bed in search of room in full light
like light house candles eyes in darkness search for shafts of light
beneath the door