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Author: Jim Vincent Viglione
Title: untitled #2
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #49

Copyright 2002 Jim Vincent Viglione

Your ghostwalk is deliberate
You place your foot while leaving no mark
Step steps into step
You do not look, instead, penetrate the soul with gold
My courage is carried by Cougar who stays to my Right and protects me

As I rise in the morning the East light makes my spirit glow
And Snake empowers me with energy and immortality
My newness surfaces each time my skin is shed

Looking Downward I see the child within me
And trust that Mouse will help me see outside of my house
Into myself and strive to my desires

Now I gaze to the West and find the truth within me and where my path leads
To me comes sacred Raven to help me in the dark
And in darkness seek the answers and find the energy and the
Magic within the darkness

I look Up now and feel gratefully blessed
How wise I feel as Eagle soars above me
You see all of me from your high flight you see beyond me from your high flight
You see the light within me and light around me

High above me my dreams soar though I remain bound to this
Earth Mother
Although I long to dwell amongst the stars Frog reminds me of
My womb origin my coming from water
My very happiness and sadness coming from my tears for
Water cleanses

Into the Inner Earth below me I feel the solidness of the Earth Mother
I feel part of the path before me
I see all that surrounds me I hear Hawk’s cry
I hear the truth

Within me lies a sacred place
It is where the great joy of my heart dwells
Within this joy in my heart dwells Crow
Crow who is ever changing
Crow who is ever watchful
If I should understand the Great Mystery it will be with
Crow Within me

(Being a naturalist guide in the desert I am interested in animal medicine. I had my animal totems read for my right, left, east, south, west, north, above, below, and within. To better remember them, I put them in more or less poetry form and created this. --Jimbo)