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Author: Kandice Cruz
Title: The Importance of Forgiveness
Type of Work: story
Source: CMv1 #68

Copyright 2002 Kandice Cruz

In my life, and yes dear friends I have lived a while now, I have discovered that one of the most important things in life is forgiveness. Some may argue with my thoughts and say that communication, or love is the most important, but to me in everyday dealings with other human beings, it's forgiveness that is the most important thing on earth.

We all have times in our lives when people will say things about us that we know is just not true. Even if that person never appologizes to you for their words, it is important to forgive them, for you never know when it will be you that causes the hurt and pain and you don't feel like you have to appologize.

In this day and age of electronic communications taking the placce of the old fashioned letter, there is much more opportunity and it is a lot easier to say mean and hateful things about people that you really don't know the big picture. What you may know is just bits and pieces and sometimes those bits and pieces aren't always the truth.

We have advocates telling us to not reveal our true selves over the internet because you don't know who might get ahold of information and may stalk you over it. Everyday there is mis-communications between people that don't really know each other, have never spoken on the phone or even met in person. And even though their words to you may hurt and cut you wide open to the bone, you have to find the strength to forgive them of their words. Be it someone sending you an email and calling you all sorts of names over a virus that you did not send out or someone taking your words off of a message board and twisting them to the point of where it makes you look like a complete and total jerk. Somehow in your heart you have to find the forgiveness for that person because you know they reacted without finding the whole truth.

Even people that you do know on a personal basis deserve the forgiveness from you. There are times when the closest of friends will get mad at each other over a petty mis-understanding and yes time will heal those wounds, but the healing won't really begin unless you begin with forgiveness.

I grew up with the words that everyone deserves a closer look and until you give them that closer look into their hearts, you must forgive them for any words or actions that they may do because they also might not have taken the time to get a closer look into your heart.

If Jesus, who was the most forgiving man, asked God to forgive those that nailed him onto that cross, then why is it that we, mere mortals cannot ask God to help us forgive others that might have hurt us?

To me, forgiveness is the most important thing on the face of this earth, more than money, more than a big house with large windows, more than that fancy sports car sitting in the driveway. Forgiveness is the first step in building friendships and companionship that will last for the rest of your lifetime.

Be forgiving of others that you do not know for you never know when the time comes that a complete stranger will have to find forgiveness in their heart for something that you yourself has done.