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Author: Kenny's Goodness
Title: Acceptance
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #29

Copyright 2002 Kenny's Goodness

Why is it all an endless
Struggle for me?
Why do I feel like everything
I do is unrequited?
I try my best, I really do,
So hard I work for the
Acceptance of society,
Those who think they're above me,
Those who love to walk on me.
I only want some love,
Not endless, scornful hate.
The whiplashed, forked tongue,
Raking itself across my cheek,
As I turn the other way,
Waiting for the next blow,
Unable to protect myself,
Unable to stand up for myself,
But yet trying so hard
To fit in, to be one.
The cruel hand of society
Spanking my bottom as I
Run with my tail between my legs,
Unable to deal with it