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Author: Kenny's Goodness
Title: Chaos
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #38

Copyright 2002 Kenny's Goodness

The angry tendrils of hate
Wrap themselves around my heart,
The pain, the anguish, the sobbing cry
That reverberates through my brain like
Echoes off mountains controls me now,
Eating away at my heart,
Destroying my conscience,
Burning my soul.
I push try to push it back,
But my hand doesn't move.
It lies leaden by my side as the
Army of emotions advances.
They rush upon me all at once,
And I stand, confused,
Rooted to the spot,
Trying to sort out sanity from the
Cacophony of voices screaming inside.
It escalates, sending me reeling,
Staggering for my bedroom,
Trying to get to the only thing that
Can save me from this hell.