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Author: Kenny's Goodness
Title: Haiku Collection
Type of Work: haiku
Source: CMv1 #48, 50, 72, 73, 75

Copyright 2002 Kenny's Goodness

Collection 1 (Inspired by South Park)

We know Cartman hates,
All those goddamn hippie chicks,
Why'd he kiss Wendy?

Stan looked very shocked
When he saw his girlfriend kiss
That fat fuck Cartman.

This hood is too tight,
I'm amazed that I can breathe,

Cheesy Poofs are sweet,
They are my staple nutrient,
Nothing is better.

I really wonder,
What Rocky the Squirrel would say
If he saw my hat?

It sucks that I puke,
All over my bitch Wendy.
Never been to first.

My family is too poor,
To buy me anything but
All this crappy stuff.

Stan and Kyle should be
Siamese twins since they are
Rarely separate.

Dammit you have to,
Respect my authoritah,
Or we'll Roshambo.

Why is it Stan's dog
Who is gayer then Elton
John in lavender?

Kenny is stupid
To consume sixty tablets
Of antacid pills.

=== === === === ===

Collection 2

smile like vapid sun,
anger polluting his mind
i cry out in pain

fragile beauty glides
landing daintly nearby
the butterfly's wings.

shadows in the night
softly torment my young soul
dark envelopes me

a gentle rain falls
cooling down my burning heart
the passion subdued

take my life away
his bony fingers are nigh
death comes all too soon

orange-red glory
the awesome orb holds my eyes
the sunset erupts

pointed teeth gleam bright
ears prick up in haste to hear
the mighty tail fluffs

opressive beliefs
wars always fought about it
religion is marred

lightning zig-zags fast
screaming down from the heavens
a flame bursts inside