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Author: Kenny's Goodness
Title: Serpentine Power
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #59 (repeated in #80)

Copyright 2002 Kenny's Goodness

The serpentine form slithers, his
Smooth scales sliding as he
Glides across the ground,
Golden eyes gazing
Through the silky air.
He lifts his head,
No arms to support himself
No legs to carry his weight as he
Wraps himself around a tree,
Pulling himself up to new heights
With his inner strength and courage.
His tongue flicks outward,
Tasting the air as he
Lays out across a branch,
The true king of his domain.
His eyes glaze slightly,
And he seems to smile-
The snake is the eternal wisdom,
And the pools of infinity are
Enclosed in his mind.