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Author: Kenny's Goodness
Title: The Sneer of a Peer
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #62

Copyright 2002 Kenny's Goodness

Why do you treat me the way you do?
What have I ever done to you?
I live my life, day by day,
To you harsh words I never say.
But then your caustic, stinging cries,
Your stare that burns into my eyes,
Pierce my heart and cut me deep,
And sadness into my mind seeps.
Why is my heart so full of pain?
My attempts for kindness all in vain.
You judged me wrong right from the start,
You failed to look into my heart.
And now these anguished tears I cry,
And now these labored breaths I sigh,
Are caused by the angry, upsetting view,
Of just a couple unkind few.