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Author: Kentucky Woman
Title: Being the Little Sister
Type of Work: story
Source: CMv1 #35

Copyright 2002 Pamela Montgomery

Although sometimes being the little sister had it’s moments of being a pain cause I couldn’t do some of the things my big sisters did, most of the time the feeling of being the “baby” sister is one of my most cherished feelings. The times that I was included in their plans were some of the best times in my childhood memories. When they had boy/girl parties, I was on cloud nine when I got to be included (even if it was for a little while). I remember one party that rather vividly because I probably would have cried and hurt a lot more if I hadn’t been soooo embarrassed. The boys at the party were all holding the edge of a big blanket and the girls would climb on the blanket and they would toss her in the air and catch her. I was so incredibly cool that night because I got to climb up on the blanket and let the “cool” boys throw me through the air. As little as I was I flew and I laughed and laughed and then I landed on the blanket and hit my chin on my knee. Damn near knocked me out, but I was too embarrassed to cry. That was the end of that party for me! Even though I was too young to always join in with my sisters, there was never a doubt that I belonged with my sisters. Always have and always will.