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Author: Kentucky Woman
Title: untitled #4
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #74

Copyright 2002 Pamela Montgomery

What happened to the country I knew as a child?
It wasn't the beatniks or hippies, rappers or gangsta's
that took hold of the reins and went hog wild.

You look at it now - the world seems undone -
the HAVE's keep on getting, the HAVE NOT's struggle on,

It's hard to see men making millions and glory and fame
While they are busy playing a little boys game.
When there are so many people hungry and cold and
sweet little babies who won't have a chance to grow old.

We all go so fast, yet we're all standing still
We all have a spot in our hearts we need to fill.

Is it really this different in just these short years
Or was I just too young to yet to know all of these fears.

Why don't we know, Why can't we see
What a beautiful world it truly could be
We were given this world to keep beautiful and pristine,
and we have drained all of it's resources clean.

As they say - The love of money is the root of all evil,
and the hunger for power a temptation so strong,
But if y\we don't step back, slow down and
see what Mother Earth and Father Sky have
given us - the green of the earth below,
the blue of the sky above -
It's time to take care to return this special love.