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Author: Lindy
Title: Tears
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv2 #6

Copyright 2003 Lindy

They feel so heavy
As they gather in my eyes.
I feel my eyes fill
And then brim over.
I tilt my chin down
To watch them as they fall,
As if I were detached
And simply marveling
At their beauty.
My sight is blurred
For I see the world
Only through those tears,
And the world feels empty.
Then I notice the colors
Within that haze.
The tears tremble on the
Ends of my lashes
And I see them sparkle
Until they become so heavy
They no longer have the will
To defy gravity
And they fall.
I can see them
In slow motion
As they tumble toward
The finality of the floor.
I feel the vibration
As they land beside my feet,
My bare feet.
A small drop spatters
My instep - it's warm
But quickly turns cold,
Like my heart.