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Author: Lindy
Title: The First Steps
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #25

Copyright 2002 Lindy

i do see the universe from this place.
this wonderful place you describe
as i watch your beloved face.
as i watch with wonder the way
the morning sun shines on us
and begins our brand new day.
it lights up your face and your smile,
which lights up my very world and
makes everything worthwhile
again. things that have not been
for such a long, long time now;
since... i don't even remember when.

i could not see
until you saw.
and you showed me
what this journey,
what my very life,
was meant to be.
searching, empty, all this time
naked, trying to find myself
between the frozen lines
of what others pretended and said
they wanted me to be;
while my bared soul bled.
As my blood spilled out
into the soft, dark earth
and 'round me and about
until i no longer knew
who i was or what i was
or what i was supposed to do.

but not you.
you looked within me
and you knew
who i was to meant to be,
and just what it was
i was supposed to be.
you reached out your hand
even when i was afraid
to take that first stand.
stand on my own
and say to the world
i am mine alone.
i am me,
because i am worthy,
and i am free.
all because you cared to see,
to look within
and awaken me.
as i trembled and took
those first scary steps
i shivered and shook.
i was frightened and afraid
that it was too late and the cost too much
for the price i had already paid.
yet now, here i stand;
you stand with me
and hold my hand.
i am me,
i am worthy,
i am free.

(august 23, 2002 -Lindy)