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Author: Lindy
Title: The Lady
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #8, 10, 12, 13

Copyright 2002 Lindy

The Lady

She was locked up in a dungeon
Atop a tower tall.
She was chained and held for ransom,
Although she didn't know at all.
All she knew was that it was not right,
This was not where she should be.
She wasn't sure just how to fight,
And escape she could not see.
She began to feel there was no end
To this nightmare that she lived.
She began to believe this was her fate
And she had nothing left to give.
So, one night, she prayed to Them
As on one knee she knelt.
The moon shown down, like a diadem;
She was awash with things she'd never felt.
The Goddess smiled upon her child;
Then she did lift her face
To receive the Goddess' pure love
And to marvel at Her grace.
The Goddess smiled and then She said,
"Fear not, my precious one,
For it will not always be like this.
The answer is within you and the bonds can be undone.
You must not lose your faith, my girl,
Your purity, nor your hope;
You must prepare for a journey
So bind your ribbons and make a rope."

=== === === === ===

The Battle

So the lady did as the Goddess said.
Then one night, when she awoke,
A gentle finger touched her lips.
She looked deep into his eyes and listened as he spoke,
"I am here for you, my Lady,
But fear not, I am your Lord;
Alone and far I've traveled
With only my horse, my wits and sword.
Now, you must listen carefully,
For this next part must be done right.
You must stand on your own two feet
For this next battle that we fight."
He handed her a smaller blade;
She stood tall and at his back,
So they were more than ready
And prepared for the attack.
The Evil One and his minions
Fought hard and they were tough.
Then all at once, the battle ended
When the Evil One said, "Enough."
He took two steps back, and bowed to them,
And vanished without a trace
To even show he'd ever been
More than a ghost she had to face.

=== === === === ===

The Lord

Then she turned to her dark Lord,
"You've finally come, at last.
I've always felt you, because I knew
I've known you in the past."
Then she sweetly kissed him
Upon his lips and brow.
He stopped her with his gentle touch,
Said, "That's enough, for now.
I've been on many journeys
And I've traveled many miles.
I'd re-fight all those battles
For just one of your sweet smiles.
I felt you before I found you,
But when I saw this tower from afar
I knew I had discovered you,
And I'd find you where you are.
You are mine, my Lady,
But then, you always were.
I'm consumed by my love for you
And all the passions that you stir.
So I cut through all the brambles
To reach you in this land;
To touch you and to free you, then
To watch you take a stand.
And stand, you did, my Lady,
But what surprised me in the attack
Is that you battled for yourself
But you battled at my back."

=== === === === ===

The Puzzle

He said, "The last piece of the puzzle
Clicked easily into place,
And I finally found the answer
When I looked into your face.
I wondered why I'd suffered so;
I'm sure that you did, too.
But it was in preparation
For this battle that ensued.
Never have I known a love
So pure and sweet and true
But the again, my darling,
It's because I had not found you."
With that, he swept her into his arms
And he kissed her face.
He said, "I need more, darling,
But for now let's leave this place."
And so she laughed, a soft, sweet laugh
And she handed him her rope.
She said, "The Lady spoke to me
So I never gave up hope."