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Author: Lindy
Title: The Lady: Return of the Wings
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #20, 22, 23

Copyright 2002 Lindy

The Lady Speaks

And so, she took the ribbon rope;
She bound it to her bed.
She dropped it from the tower window,
Turned to him and said,
"My Lord, this is the rope of ribbons
The Goddess told me to make.
I wove them tight together
To make ready my escape.
Little did i know
It was meant to carry two;
Yet, i have faith that it will hold
The weight of me and you.
For when i made this ribbon stair
Within it, i wove hope.
So now, my sweet beloved one
I share with you my rope.
It is not a mere escape,
It represents much more.
What i hold now, within myself,
Is much more than before.
For i was blessed by She, Herself;
She touched me with Her light.
She told me to prepare myself
For a journey, not a fight.
And yet, i somehow knew
Deep within my heart
That a battle would ensue before
My journey could ever start.
What i didn't see, my Lord,
Because i never knew,
Was the part that you would play;
But then, i did not know you.
Those ribbons that i wove,
Many pieces to make just one,
Each alone could never hold
Yet now can't be undone.
For they are fused together
As i am now, complete.
All of this was revealed to me
As i knelt at Her feet.
What is so uncanny,
And neither of us knew,
Was that each one is the other's half
You for me and me for you."

=== === === === ===

The Descent

So they climbed down the ribbon rope
As it hung there in the air.
Their faith in each other strong;
Their hearts and souls a pair
Of two perfectly matched spirits
Without fear and without care.
He would lead her on this journey
And she'd follow him anywhere.
Then he reached his arms out to her
When his feet did touch the ground;
The air around got quiet
And nothing made a sound.
She blindly let go of the rope;
Tumbled into his strong embrace.
She noticed all the care lines
That were etched into his face.
She lifted her soft hands to him
And gently touched his skin;
She soothed his bearded cheek, just so,
Smiled, then kissed him on his chin.
"I knew that you would catch me
As i fell into your arms,
Keeping me forever safe
And protecting me from all harm."

=== === === === ===

Return of the Wings

He laughed, so very softly
And it filled the cool night air.
He lifted both his hands to her
And he placed them in her hair.
He gently lifted her sweet face
Smiled into her dark eyes,
Then swiftly captured her lips with his
And fiercely took his prize.
He said, "Then you do not know yet
What this journey is about?"
She shook her head in wonder
As her lips formed a sweet pout.
With forhead crinkled in deep thought,
Her eyes so far away,
That he had to laugh to see her so
Then he held her back at bay.
She gazed up quickly at him
She saw laughter in his face
And said, "Why have you brought me then
To this time and this place?
Just to see my consternation
And to make light of me?"
He said, "It's right in front of you
Dont tell me you can't see.
It was my duty, honor bound
To find and set you free
And to hope that when you were
You'd share your life with me.
For you, my lovely lady,
Are my fairy girl with wings
And i'd climb the highest mountains
To bring to you these things;
To give you back your freedom,
Return to you your voice,
To lift your spirit higher
And give you back your choice.
To be who you were meant to be,
My lady, and my love;
And i humbly thank the Goddess
Who smiles on us from above.
She, who is The Lady too,
The moon maid and the mother
And so i give my soul to you
To you and to no other."

=== === === === ===

*The Present

And there the story ends, my dears;
I can see your nodding heads.
It's time to close your little eyes
And climb into your beds.
Be pure of heart like the lady
Like the lord, fearless and strong
Then you can face most anything
And nothing evil can hold you long.

(completed august 19, 2002
for my lord and love from his lady...
lady lindy of york, wordsmith, writer and poet)