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Author: Lindy
Title: Paradox
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 #6

Copyright 2002 Lindy

You say that you want heaven,
When you know that you love hell.
You say you have some secrets,
But you know i'll never tell.
You have such wicked fantasies,
Oh yes, i know them well;
I, too, am locked in prison,
So come let me out of jail.

You know about my hopes and dreams;
I know about your wicked schemes,
But must we really
Speak these things?

You know angels come from heaven
And you know i somehow fell.
You know there are souls to be bought
And i've got one to sell.
You know i have trepidations
I need you to quell.
And i have nightmare visions
That i need you to dispell.

The fates may play their final card,
They know how we've been cursed and scarred
So maybe this is our just reward...
And isn't it a paradox?

(for my warrior, feb 13,2002 -Lindy)