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Author: Lindy
Title: You and No Other
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 special Sex Poems edition

Copyright 2002 Lindy

you...i dreamed of you
once upon a time,
but i dreamed you
i'd never find.
and in my wildest dreams
i never, ever knew
the wicked and the wildest things
i'd do with only you.

i feel your touch,
you're in my mind;
you kiss my skin
and your eyes shine.
in the darkness
i come to know
your body as i
love it so.

you run your fingers
through my hair;
you slide inside me,
i want you there.
your hand so soft
upon my breast;
yours lips replace them
and i am blessed
with feelings that
i never felt.
and at your feet,
i've gladly knelt.

you've pushed me,
and you brought me where
i'd never been;
you take me there.
with your hard presence
and your knowing hand
you teach me what
to give a man.

by the sweet passion
of your touch
i know i never
loved this much.
with the pleasure
and the pain,
you force me to
scream out your name.

with the intensity
of your kiss,
never have i
known such bliss.
my lips are swollen,
my body aches
with every inch
of me you take.
you are mine
my warrior lover;
you are mine,
you and no other.

(written august 18, 2002)