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Author: Lindsey Phillips
Title: Haiku Collection
Type of Work: haiku
Source: CMv1 #16, 37, 63, 75

Copyright 2002 Lindsey Phillips

Well, I have a friend
He's imaginary too
Do you know his name?

Hark! It's a hobbit
His name's Linus - hairy feet
that's what's cute 'bout him

Poor Linus - he's mad
he is allergic to air
it does suck for him

Wow! Linus is wierd
He's dreaming about flowers
cookies and clouds too

His fav. colour is
periwinkle - heh heh heh
'cause he likes the name

Sure, he's a sissy
Has tea parties with stuffed cat
and cooks and smokes weed

hobbits do like beer
and mushrooms - it's no wonder
that they're always high

=== === === === ===

My brother's watching
Moulin Rouge- which I don't like
waste of time to see

know what I hate most?
it doesn't even look like
they're the ones singing

and they're not, I know
but come one- what microphones
make this film sound lame?

=== === === === ===

Mathew Broderick sucks.
At acting I mean - I think
He's not very good.

=== === === === ===

I'm conservative.
I've been brainwashed by Bill R.
But, HEY, liberals suck.

I just pissed Colmes off
he's busy blaming all things
on republicans.

I'm reading a book.
GASP! I am? S'called China Boy
It's pretty darn boring,
and kinda sad,
and I have to read a tree grows in Brooklyn
by Wedensday
and mom says that's REALLY boring.