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Author: Tick
Title: untitled #3
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv1 special Sex Poems edition (repeated in #34)

Award: 1st Place, The Creative Mind Sex Poem Contest

Copyright 2002 Richard Duncan

gazing into your eyes,
seeing the world of you,
Knowing as i kiss you
that we were always together
even if we were not.
The way you feel as i kiss you
The hardness of my lust
meets your own
gentle biting your neck
hearing you moan
as you release yourself,
I find the wetness of your soul
touching your breast
feeling you guide me
entering your love
as you hold me
Feeling the warmth,
you tighten around me
feeling I belong
in a place i desire
you coach me, further
yet hold back,
then open up more
further I take you,
deeper you draw me
together in another world
we meet and love
So far do we go
that time loses all
and we become one
slowly, we move
together we kiss
melting as we do
pressing you closer, deeper
you again moan
you say my name
as I plunge deeper
Feeling you tighten
you eyes open up
letting me see the woman
the beauty of you
as you find that one place
the place you never reached before
finding that release
found only in my caress
slowly i bring you down
kissing you as you moan
knowing, we are one
finally finding you
knowing at once
you do exist
and not in my mind
but in my arms forever
watching you smile
feeling your eyes
I kiss you softly
carees you with need
feeling all you are
what you offer me
the magic that is us
I can only hope
as I slip back inside
that this is real
and not a dream
for the feeling
you give to me
as i take you further
needs no words
your reaction is all
as i respond to you
feeling you give me
that which i never had
taking me as well
together we complete
screaming as we do
then holding you
feeling you relax
we are truly one
in lust and need
which each satisfies
the others wants
and dreams........