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Author: Summer
Title: I Belong to You
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv2 #5

Copyright 2003 Summer O'Neal

What do I have to do
To make you see that I belong to you

What do I have to say
To make you think to look my way

You helped me find a side to me
That I never knew existed
Why is everything so complicated?
Why does life have to be so twisted?

Maybe I'm just crazy
For following someone I hardly know
But you're the one I'm always craving.
But it seems that fate just tells me no.

What do I have to think
To be the one who makes your heart sink

Where do I have to go
To make obvious what you should know

It's times like these
That always have me thinking of you
I wonder if you ever think of me?
I wonder how you'd act if only you knew?

Sometimes I think you don't care
And there are times I think you do
I wish you could hold me and never let go
I wish you could see that I belong to you