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Author: Summer O'Neal
Title: Nothing Lasts Forever
Type of Work: poem
Source: CMv2 #3

Copyright 2003 Summer O'Neal

We seemed to be so perfect
Everything was right
We would walk hand in hand
And talk on the phone every night

I would look into your eyes
And you would look in mine
You hung the moon and the stars
For you the sun did shine

But all good things soon end
And nothing lasts forever
So now I'm writing this poem to you
And I think it's kinda clever

I wish you were dead, asshole
You're a big fat stupid dick
I hate your fucking guts
I think you're a retarded prick

I hope you choke on a chicken bone
I hope your lungs bleed when you cough
I hope you catch syphilis mother fucker
I hope your tiny dick then rots off