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Author: Tabitha Stevens Black
Title: Haiku Collection
Type of Work: haiku
Source: CMv1 #68, 69, 71

Copyright 2002 Tabitha Stevens Black

Geometry is
boring and it puts me
to sleep and I die

I have a good life
Need nothing but love and hope
I need a real life

Mister V needs help
He is old and boring Please
help Mister V soon

Ai comes from Japan
She speaks much Japanese but
not to much English

Mister V teaches
math he puts me to sleep I
told him this last week

=== === === === ===

Pink kangaroo eats
tons of yogurt He likes to
spit yogurt on me

I have detention
It smells funny and it is
very quiet in there

=== === === === ===

I touched a marine
today He did not say that
he was gay today

On a September
Monday my life ended I
got caught stealing Nuts

Shawn has a girlfriend
Her name is Peggy I hate
Peggy I love Shawn

Detention is gay
My back hurts from this writing
I hate detention