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News Sites

Comic Book Resources
Features news, interviews, a huge links database, discussion groups, online comics, and several columns including Comic News Wire, Master of the Obvious, Comics Pipeline, and Come In Alone (by Warren Ellis, Fridays).

Comics Continuum
Formerly sponcered by the Detroit News, this site offers comics & comic-based movie & TV news, interviews, and comics previews.

Comic List
The best source for what comics are shipping this week.  Also includes lists for the previous and upcoming weeks and a Late Comics report.

News, reviews, and links.


Al Rio

Chuck Dixon

Stan Lee

Warren Ellis


*** WildStorm Productions ***
The Authority, Gen 13, Planetary, Wildcats, etc.

Avatar Press

Chaos Comics
Lady Death, Evil Ernie, etc.

CrossGeneration Comics
Meridian, Scion, etc.

Dark Horse Comics
Aliens, Buffy, Terminator, etc.

DC Comics
Batman, Green Lantern, Young Justice, etc.

Image Comics
Spawn, Savage Dragon, Witchblade, Rising Stars, etc.

Marvel Comics
Spiderman, X-Men, etc.

Realm Press
BattleStar Galactica, etc.

Viper Comics


Exclusive distributor for virtually all comics companies.


*** Mile High Comics ***
The absolute best comic retailer online!  Great service, fast shipping, great stock, wonderful communication, fantastic web design.  What?  You're still here?   Go buy some comics!

Comic Book World
One of my local comics shops.  Weekly shipping list.

Comic Cavalcade
Lots of variant covers, but almost always way over-priced.

Comic Connection
California-based comic shop with an online-inventory.  Good selection.

Dynamic Forces
Exclusive variants and signed editions, usually reasonably-priced.

Top Shelf Comics
Bangor, Maine-based comic shop with online shopping.

Tropic Comics
Florida-based comic shop with online shopping.

WildStorm-related Sites

*** WildStorm Comics Lab ***
This site presents both a text checklist of all WildStorm Universe titles, and a graphical version with scans of all the covers.

WildStorm Resources
This site is attempting to compile annotations of all the WildStorm titles.


Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Defending the rights of comic book creators and retailers.  Support creative freedom, support the fund.

Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator
You've got to try this to believe it.

Mid-Ohio Con
Ohio's biggest comic book convention.