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14 January 2001:
            First of all, let me apologize to anyone who uses this site to keep track of happenings in the WSU.   In mid-September of last year I started house-hunting.  Things progressed rapidly and by Halloween, I was moved in.  Within hours of setting up the computer, however, I had a cascade hardware & software failure.  I've spent much of the intervening time rebuilding and reinstalling everything.  None of my data was lost but lingering problems have distracted me from keeping up with my self-appointed duty to my fellow WildStorm fans.
            Anyway, most of the computer problems are now resolved, so on with the show...
Authority: #19-22, Under New Management TPB, Annual 2000, Jenny Sparks #4-5
Deathblow: #17 (Chicago Comicon Edition)
Gen13 (yes, I'm still reading it; bugger off): #57-60, We'll Take Manhattan TPB, Medicine Song, Annual 2000,
            Limited Series #1 Chromium Special Editions (all 6), Gen13/Fantastic Four
Planetary: #12-13
Wildcats: v.2 #16-19, Annual 2000
WS Miscellany: Art of Chiodo TPB, GenActive #4 (2 covers), Deathmate Red (Gold Edition), Mostly Wanted #4,
            Brass v.2 #4-6, WildStorm Annual 2000, Jet #1-4
Logos: Jet, Monarchy, Devil's Night (2000 Annuals event)
Non-WSU: Countdown #6-8
Cover Count: 1082 (1078 online)

12 September 2K:
Gen13 Miscellany: Skin 13 (all 5 covers of Parody Press' spoof of Gen13)
Cover Count: 1053 (1039 online)

7 September 2K:
Wildcats: v.2 #15;  Savant Garde Fan #1, Gold;  Savant Garde Fan #3, Gold
WildStorm: GenActive #3, 2 covers
Cover Count: 1048 (1034 online)

28 August 2K:
Divine Right: Darkchylde the Legacy #1 <Glow-in-the-Dark variant by Jim Lee; puzzle cover with DR #6 Glow>
Wetworks: Advance Promotional Ashcans I, II, and III
Miscellany: Image Plus #1
Cover Count: 1046 (of which 1025 are online)

27 August 2K:
Authority: #18; Jenny Sparks #3
DV8: minor cosmetic changes
Gen 13: #1, Chromium signed by Campbell; #56
Logos: removed Disavowed (mini-serie complete); removed Patriots (series cancelled); changed Planetary logo
Planetary: minor cosmetic changes
Wildcats: Big Bruisers (app: Maul); Cyberforce #0, Ashcan; Cyberforce #1, Gold; Cyberforce #3, Ashcan; Ladytron #1;
        WildCATs/X-Men Golden Age #1, Reprint
WildStorm Miscellany: expanded from 4 to 6 pages; Brass, v.1 #1, Folio Edition; Deathmate Preview, Lime Green;
        Homage Studios Swimsuit Special #1; Inside Image (WSU covers only); Patriots #10 (final issue);
        Splitting Image, Ashcan; Union, v.1 #1, Ashcan; WildStorm Thunderbook #1
Annotations: Inside Image (2 pages)
non-WSU: Countdown #5 of 8

14 August 2K:
StormWatch, v.1 #1 <Gold>
(Wetworks) Ballistic #1-3
(WS Miscellany D-M) Mars Attacks the Image Universe #1-4
Cover Count: 1006

10 August 2K:
Grifter/Shi HC <Troy Hubbs Ed.>
(WS Miscellany A-C) The Art of Chiodo HC;  Brass, v.2 #3
(WS Miscellany D-M; Marvel's World War 3) Fantastic Four, v.2 #13;  Iron Man, v.2 #13

9 August 2K:
Team 7 #1 <Ashcan>
Cover Count 1001

7 August 2K:
(WS Miscellany) Deathmate Yellow <Gold>, Deathmate Blue <Gold>
Checklist: text; graphical pages D4-5

5-6 August 2K:
Updated the Checklist
Added the Team 7 annotations

5 August 2K:
(WildStorm Miscellany D-M) Deathmate Tour Book, Prologue <Gold>, Epilogue <Gold>
(WildStorm Miscellany N-S) Patriots #9 (app: Leo Lomax from Sci-Tech)

4 August 2K:
Divine Right #1, European Tour (standard) Edition
(Gen13 Crossovers) Atomik Angels, 5 variants
(WildC.A.T.s Crossovers) Killer Instinct Tour Book

2 August 2K:
(Gen13 Crossovers) Deadly Duo II #3
WildC.A.T.s #7, Silver
Wildcats, v.2 #14
(Wildcats Crossovers) ShadowHawk #13
(WildStorm Miscellany "D-M") Art of Homage Studios #1
(WildStorm Miscellany "D-M") Deathmate [6 covers]
Cover Count: 983
non-WSU: 8 more covers

30 July 2K:
updated Text & Graphical Checklists
Cover Count: 981

29 July 2K:
Authority #17
(Misc) Mostly Wanted #3 [app: Majestic]
Planetary #11
WildC.A.T.s/X-Men: The Modern Age, 3D Edition, cover B
(Misc) WildStorm Sampler [covers of (then-)upcoming issues]
Cover Count: 978 (most of the increase due to addition of Atomik Angels (non-WSU; app: Roxy) variants and Deathmate (Image/Valiant crossover)).
(non-WSU) Countdown #4
NOTE: has passed its 2 year anniversary; Gen13, Team 7, and Deathblow have been online since day one.

25 July 2K:
Added a link to the newly updated Comic Linkarium™.

24 July 2K:
DV8 Collector's Pack (#1105 of 2500, with exclusive signed Chromium card & COA)
moved Mr. Majestic from WS Misc: D-M to WildC.A.T.s: other 'Cats
added aditional navigation links to all multi-page sections

23 July 2K, later:
StormWatch, v.2 #5, variant f/Apollo & Midnighter
Checklist Graphical Version: 5 pages updated, 10 pages added

23 July 2K:
(Gen13) Atomik Angels #1
(StormWatch) Codename: StrykeForce #6
(StormWatch) Supreme, v.2 #16
(WildCATs) CyberForce #0, 1, 1 Reprint, 2, 3
(WildCATs) Deadly Duo, v.1 #2
(WildCATs) Brigade #0, v.2 #11, v.2 #12
(WildCATs) Savage Dragon #13, Jim Lee version
(WildStorm A-C) Altered Image #1-3
(WildStorm T-Z) Regulators #2 (app: Union)
(WildStorm N-S) Shattered Image #1-4
(WildStorm N-S) Splitting Image #1-2
(WildStorm T-Z) Supreme, v.2 #14 (app: Union)
Title Count: 950
Checklist Text Version
(non-WSU) 6 more covers

20 July 2K:
(Authority) Jenny Sparks #2 of 5
Gen13 #55
StormWatch #1, Ashcan
Cover Count: 928

18 July 2K:
(Deathblow) Darker Image #1 Ashcan
Gen 13 #1 Slipcase Edition (scan enhanced with PhotoShop to show detail)

16 July 2K:
(StormWatch, v.1) Codename: StrykeForce #7 (app: SW)
(WildCATs, v.1) CyberForce #2-3 (Killer Instinct crossover)
Cover Count: 925

14 July 2K (later):
(StormWatch, v.1) Codename: StrykeForce #4-5 (app: SW)
(WildCATs, v.1) CyberForce #2, Silver; #3, Gold (Killer Instinct crossover)
WildC.A.T.s #0, Ashcan
Cover Count: 924
Checklist: page C1-2

14 July 2K:
Gen13 #30, variant
WildC.A.T.s, v.1 #1, Ashcan
WildC.A.T.s, v.1 #6, Gold
(WS Misc) Brass, v.2 #2
Cover Count: 921
Checklist: Contents, pages A1-C1

11 July 2K:
Gen13 #0, Ashcan
Wetworks #1, Ashcan Preview
WildC.A.T.s #5, Ashcan
Wild Times: WildC.A.T.s #0, Gold Edition (Wizard World, Chicago '99)

9 July 2K:
Deathblow #1, Ashcan

7 July 2K:
The Authority #16
Deathblow #1, Newsstand Edition
Divine Right #1, European Tour Chromium Edition (front and back covers)
(Gen13) Deathmate Black, Gold Edition
(Planetary) C*23 #6 (one of the Planetary Preview flipbooks)
Wildcats: v.1 #2, Newsstand; v.2 #13; X-Men Golden Age 3D, cover B; X-Men Silver Age 3D, cover A
        Compendium HC; Grifter/Shi HC (Jim Lee Ed); Savant Garde Fan Ed. #2, Gold
(WS Miscellany) Disavowed #6; Homage Primer; Image Zero #0; Inside Image #7 (both covers);
        Mostly Wanted #2; Patriots #8
non-WSU: Countdown #3, DefCon-4 #4, Wynonna Earp #1
(added placeholders for several other titles/variants that I've yet to track down)

2 July 2K:
The completely revised, updated, and reorganized WildStorm Universe Comics Lab is now open.  (There are still some variant covers and miscellaneous notes to put online.)

25 Jun 2K:
Cosmetic changes to main page in preparation for the overhaul of the WS Comics Lab.
Coming Soon: Reorganization of the pages so that no page has more than 50 covers and most have fewer than 40.

23 Jun 2K:
Backlash/Spiderman TPB
Gen13 #54
(new scan of Gen13 Zine #1)
Jenny Sparks: The Secret History of The Authority #1 (2 covers)
Planetary/The Authority: Ruling the World
StormWatch #23 1/2 (2 covers)
Wildcats: Street Smart HC

19 Jun 2K:
Backlash/Spiderman #1 (American Entertainment Edition)
Brass, Volume 2 #1
GenActive #2 (2 covers)
Hazard #1-7 and logo
Kindred TPB and logo
Superman/Gen13 #3 (2 covers)

8 Jun 2K:
Wildcats, v.2 #12

3 June 2K:
Authority #15 (Wow!)
Disavowed #5 (Disavowed Puzzle Cover ended with #4 apparently)
Sci-Tech #1-4
Checklist back up-to-date

Memorial Day 2K:
Gen13 Limited Series #1, Ashcan Edition
Gen13 #53
Mostly Wanted #1 (connected to WSU only thru mention of Daemonite homeworld)
Patriots #7 (Patriots is being cancelled shortly; merged onto the WS Miscellany 2K page)
non-WSU: Countdown #2

Mom's Day 2K:
Authority #14
Authority: Relentless TPB (& Logo)
Gen13 Limited Series HardCover (with miscellaneous graphics)
Gen13/Generation X #1, cover A, 3D Edition
Superman/Gen13 #2
Superman/Gen13 #2, variant
Planetary #10

Cinco de Mayo 2K:
Wildcats (v.2): cover #11 is online

May Day 2K:
Gen13 (thru #44): covers #1 Chromium signed by Lee and signed by Choi are online
Gen13 (miscellany): cover Bikini Special #1 is online
WildC.A.T.s (v.1 miscellany): Voodoo covers #1 (ComCav) and #1 (ComCav Platinum) are online

30 April 2K:
The Patriots: cover #6 is online
WildC.A.T.s Miscellany: WildC.A.T.s Adventures Sourcebook cover is online
WS Miscellany (thru 1999): Allegra covers #1 Gold and #3 are online
WS Miscellany (2000 on): Disavowed cover #4 is online
Master Checklist: Updated; discovered two more items I missed
Special Covers: Disavowed Puzzle cover updated
non-WSU titles: NEW PAGE!

21 April 2000:
Deathblow: Darker Image cover #1 Gold variant is online
WS Miscellany (thru 1999): Allegra cover #1 and Brass cover #1 are online
Wetworks: cover #1 Chicago ComiCon Edition is online

20 April 2000:
Gen13 (45+): cover #52 is online

16 April 2000:
WildStorm Miscellany (thru 1999): added Allegra & Brass
Master Checklist: online with all known titles & issues (more details will be added as time permits)
Logos (thru 1998): added Allegra & Brass

11 April 2000:
Main Page: added Coverage Notes.
The Authority: covers #10-13 are online.
Divine Right: cover #12 (FINAL ISSUE) is online.
Gen13 (-44): cover Limited Series #1, Millennium Edition is online.
Gen13 (45+): covers #48-51 are online.
Gen13 (misc): covers Carny Folk and Superman/Gen13 #1 (2 covers) are online.
Mr. Majestic: covers #6-9 (FINAL ISSUE) are online.
Patriots: covers #2-5 are online.
Planetary: covers #8-9, All Over the World TPB are online.
StormWatch (v.2/misc): covers Force of Nature and Lightning Strikes are online.
WildC.A.T.s (v.1): cover #1, Millennium Edition is online.
Wildcats (v.2): covers Mosaic and #7, 8 (2 covers), 9-10 are online.
WildStorm miscellany -1999: (nothing yet but I will be adding Allegra and Brass)
WildStorm micellany 2000: NEW PAGE; covers Disavowed #1-3 and GenActive #1 (2 covers) are online.
Master Checklist: NEW PAGE; a work in progress
Special Covers & Products: April 2000 and Disavowed Puzzle Covers are online.
WildStorm Events: final Divine Intervention cover is online.
Logos (1999+): Disavowed and GenActive logos are online.