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Latest Log Entry -- 29 January 2024

When the show went off the air in 2011, I went through stages of grief. This was the story I had waited my whole life for someone to tell, and the reality of the show far exceeded my imagined version. With props, blueprints, images, and swag all going up for auction, it occurred to me that combining those things (a few of which I purchased, many of which I downloaded images) with the awesomeness that is, I might be able to do an unofficial webcomic continuation of the story. It took a ton of time from 2011-2014 to assemble the art and other details that I thought I needed. I attempted to launch the webcomic in 2015 and again in 2017, but life (first in the person of my wife, and then her combined with an interstate move for my job) got in the way. There were other things to occupy my time that were easier to do with life's constant interruptions, but my SGU cast photo, my SGU dog tags, and Riley's watch were still there in my home-office reminding me that I had left Destiny hanging. Then, about three months ago, I re-examined where I was in my personal and proffessinal life and concluded that there were no excuses anymore. It's been nearly thirteen years since that final enigmatic smile -- It's time to get on with it. The strip will be updating once per week to start and go to twice a week in late March. As I type this, that puts the archive of completed strips into August, by which time I should have a good grip on how many strips I can reliably produce per week, and if three weekly updates is maintainable, you'll see an increase. But for now, my goal is to make sure nothing derails this journey again.


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Log Entry -- 17 July 2017

It was a bad weekend for genre fans. We lost two of the greats. George A. Romero (1940-2017), who created the modern zombie movie and ushered in horror-as-social-commentary with 1969's Night of the Living Dead. And Martin Landau (1928-2017), the Oscar winner for Ed Wood, but perhaps better know for his iconic roles in Mission: Impossible and Space: 1999. Thank you, gentlemen, for the many, many hours of entertainment you provided.


Log Entry -- 18 July 2017

Welcome to the re-launch of Destiny, my homage to and continuation of Stargate: Universe.

Less than a week after the final episode aired, I started working on the art and plot. Life forced me to delay the planned 2014 premiere for a year, and then conspired against me again to force me to put it on hiatus after only 20 strips (though 36 were drawn). I finally feel things are settled enough to commit to re-launching it, and upping the schedule to 2 per week. Not sure if anyone will ever read it beside me, but it's mostly for my own satisfaction anyhow. Other people enjoying it would be a serious plus, but is not a requirement for me to continue. That said, if you're reading this, I hope you like it.


Log Entry -- 21 August 2017

Total Solar Eclipse Day. Heading outside to watch shortly.

10 strips online. 8 new ones drawn. Not quite back to a buffer-maintaining pace yet, but getting there.


Latest Log Entry -- 22 August 2017

Eclipse was awesome. We only had 99.55% from our driveway, so no diamond ring, no corona. But we did get the eclipse-shaped sun dappling through the trees, the solar-snake effects in the shadows on the driveway, one very-cool solar flare, a 12 degree drop in temperature, and a hell of a good show.



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