Running Commentary

Season 1 -- Episode 1 (And the Truth...)

0 -- Originally designed as a test panel, I put it online as a test page in honor of the occassion of Gene Roddenberry's 100th birthday.

1 -- The official premiere strip timed to coincide with the 55th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek.

2 -- I think I must have missed creating webcomics. In addition to the work that went into the cast and Hornet sets that will be useful throughout the story's run, I created a starbase, a planet, and around a dozen one-off characters for just the first handful of strips. It was actually quite fun to spent that much time on one strip.

7 -- So I uploaded this strip on 9/17/2021. According to my schedule, I'm right on track. If I can keep drawing the strip at the pace I'm currently on, strip #7 will be the last one-per-week update, and I'll be able to swith to 3-per-week after that. I don't know if anyone will ever read the thing, but I'm enjoying the hell out of creating it.

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