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Single-Card solution to playing with only 2 Heroes

        Setup: Set up two Heroes as normal. Play Bardac in the Environment play area, active side up. (H)=3.
Gameplay: Bardac is a Hero Target and a Hero Character Card. If Bardac is the only Active Hero, the Hero Lose-Game Over! Bardac shares the Environment Play Area for effects that target all Targets/Cards in a Play Area. If Bardac is the Target of a Play-a-Card, Use-a-Power, or Draw-a-Card effect, he instead regains 1HP. If Bardac is the target of a Discard or Destroy a Card effect, he instead deals himself 1 irreducible psychic damage. When Bardac deals damage, the players decide the target.
        Thematically, Bardac is a C-level Hero who just happens to be in the area when the "regular" Heroes confront the Villain. He's available as part of my Fan Made Promos collection (above).
        FRONT: Bardac / 28HP / At the Start of the Environment Turn, Bardac Deals 1 Target 2 Energy Damage. One Player may Play a Card and Another Player may Draw a Card, even if these actions are disallowed by another Card.
        BACK/INCAP: Incapacitated Powers (Choose one each Turn):
--One Player may Play a Card.
--Destroy an Environment Card.
--One Hero Regains X HP where X equals the number of Incapacitated Heroes, plus 1.



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