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SotM Stuff -- UPDATED 26 November 2023 -- You can find me at GtG Forums, BGG, and Discord under the yakguardian/Yak Guardian Screenname.
Deck Tracker



#YakStyle Art

Fan Art -- Individual Hero images.
Happy Sentinels Tuesday -- Alternate Universe Freedom Five teams.
Villains of the Multiverse -- Gotta have someone for all these Heroes to fight.
Denizens of the Multiverse -- Everyone else who's hanging around the Multiverse.
Hero Teams of the Surviving Multiverse -- A create-your-own-Team-randomizer.
Heroes of the Multiverse -- As of 23 March 2022.



Custom Content Creation Tools

Old School: Blank card images to use.



Third-Party Hero Statistical Testing

The testing methodology and results can be found HERE.
        Disclaimer: Anyone who has spent any amount of time examining this system, myself included, knows that there are flaws in this methodology. That being said, I will maintain these stats, and continue to add to them, as I still feel that (despite the flaws) it is a useful tool in helping to developbalanced Hero decks.



Alternate Play Styles

Images can be found HERE.
        Included on this page are:
Adelphophage's Gauntlet -- A variant way to play against Vengeance style Villains.
Bardac -- My single-card solution to playing Sentinels with only two Heroes.
Hero Promo Collection -- Mostly for Official decks, Licensed decks, or Variants created by someone other than the deck's creator or created after the print-and-play deck was added to the Deck Tracker.
Villain Promo Collection -- For the same reasons.



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