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Strip # 0 (Thursday 05 May 2022)

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        I was, and remain, a huge fan of Young Justice. Peter David and Todd Nauck captured lightning in a bottle and I was along for the ride for their entire run. I have (many times, in a variety of places) expressed my opinions about how the whole thing ended. But in 2008, I was rereading the entire series and it was the untapped potential of the beginning, of Todd Dezago, Humberto Ramos, and Mike McKone's JLA: World without Grown-Ups that sparked something for me. They only got to play with the idea for two issues, because the point was to set-up the ongoing Young Justice series, but I thought there were more stories to tell. Of course, they weren't the sort of stories that DC would have told at that time, and possibly not even now. But I jotted down some ideas and set it aside, coming back to it every few months, adding new thoughts, writing snippets of dialog, working out the mechanics of the story. I recently decided that if I was ever going to do anything with the story, I need to just go ahead and start telling it. No more excuses or delays.

        I hope you enjoy it. In the end, I'm writing it for myself. If other people like it, so much the better.


        FYI, The person in today's introductory strip is Tren Atton. He'll show up again.



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