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Cybernary Logo
Cybernary, v.1 was published as flipbooks with Deathblow #1-4 CybernaryV1n01.bmp (71106 bytes)
v.1, #1
CybernaryV1n02.bmp (71106 bytes)
v.1, #2
CybernaryV1n03.bmp (71106 bytes)
v.1, #3
CybernaryV1n04.bmp (71106 bytes)
v.1, #4
(from the cover
of Deathblow #4)
CybernaryV2-01.bmp (71106 bytes)
v.2, #1
CybernaryV2-02.bmp (71106 bytes)
v.2, #2
CybernaryV2-03.bmp (71106 bytes)
v.2, #3
CybernaryV2-04.bmp (71106 bytes)
v.2, #4
CybernaryV2-05.bmp (71106 bytes)
v.2, #5

DeathmateLogo.bmp (335574 bytes)
DeathmateTourBook.JPG (10218 bytes)
Deathmate Tour Book
Deathmate0Preview.JPG (29452 bytes)
Deathmate Preview
Deathmate0Preview2.JPG (31594 bytes)
Deathmate Preview
(Lime Green)
Deathmate0Prologue.JPG (31813 bytes)
Deathmate Prologue
Deathmate0PrologueGold.JPG (31737 bytes)
Deathmate Prologue
DeathmateBlack.jpg (9419 bytes)
Deathmate Black
DeathmateBlackGold.JPG (34019 bytes)
Deathmate Black
Deathmate2Yellow.JPG (30157 bytes)
Deathmate Yellow
Deathmate2YellowGold.JPG (29839 bytes)
Deathmate Yellow
Deathmate3Blue.JPG (30534 bytes)
Deathmate Blue
Deathmate3BlueGold.JPG (29417 bytes)
Deathmate Blue
Deathmate4Red.JPG (25123 bytes)
Deathmate Red
Deathmate4RedGold.JPG (23157 bytes)
Deathmate Red
Deathmate5Epilogue.JPG (31596 bytes)
Deathmate Epilogue
Deathmate5EpilogueGold.JPG (30261 bytes)
Deathmate Epilogue

DisavowedLogo.gif (20082 bytes)
Disavowed1.jpg (18510 bytes)
Disavowed2.jpg (19323 bytes)
Disavowed3.JPG (28484 bytes)
Disavowed4.JPG (28247 bytes)
Disavowed5.JPG (27365 bytes)
Disavowed6.JPG (27253 bytes)

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